Wolfe Radio Monster Truck Identity Crisis–UPDATE REAL DEAL on JACK FM in AMA

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Wichita Falls residents can Bid farewell to the notorious 1230AM ESPN s

tation truck. The rig is now serving local parades, remotes, and sporting events in the Amarillo market.

We did keep it in the family however. You see, longtime oldies rock KPUR FM has recently made the format flip to country “The Armadillo”. KPUR is still Amarillo’s affilliate for The Real Deal show, but just with a Texas Country twist. (more…)

The KSEY Chronicles Ch4: The Day the Music Died

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selenaWe decided to go ahead and get all systems go before we announced it.   I rigged up a satellite dishes to capture the ESPN signal from ABC radio’s AMC-8 satellite, and another dish forTexas State Networks for UT and A&M games.  In effots to conserve capital, I bootlegged the old-school satellite dish that was ununsed out of the back yard of my house.  We picked it up (10 foot dish) in-tact with a boom truck, and eased it less than a mile down the street to the dealerhship.  Set the dish, and got an old TV satellite reciever hooked to a small TV to point to the  AMC-8 bird in space.  This took while, but we got finally got her set.  We ran cable to the soon to be stuido booth I was having constructed in the dealerships showroom floor, and tried the TV tuner again.  We had missle lock, green light!

I ordered a full stack of mics, boards, amps, (more…)

A little diddy bout Mr Bobbo, the MC of ESPN 1230AM

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columbia house

     They finally kicked me out of radio in October of 1999.   Being my chosen profession, and one I’d entered at a pre-adult stage, it was somewhat of a painful departure; if I’d been feeling any pain at all, in that particular year, I probably would’ve felt more loss and regret than I ever really did. Strange thing that, my complete inability to react or panic when one certainly should, perhaps, to some degree…but that’s a facet of my personality, for the most part. “We don’t rattle,” John Cusack says aloud to the haunted hotel room in the excellent fright-film 1408, and that’s just how I’ve felt, deep down inside, during most of my life’s really difficult moments. Go figure.  That phase of the game began nearly ten years prior to John C. Wolfe’s reboot of my “career,” by way of asking me to sub-sidekick for Cletus on his infamous Daily Nooner show, on KSEY-AM. As you can guess, Toto old friend, we were a long way from home by then.

     I’d entered that most easily-entered arm of Show Biz at the age of seventeen, (more…)

The KSEY Chronicles Ch3: From Tex Mex to ESPN, Better than Kissing Your Sister

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kissing your sisterSo I called ESPN 103.3 in Dallas, asked them how do I become an ESPN affilliate.  They give me the syndication contact info.  I make the call about 9AM on a weekday morning, they explain the agreement.  “You run one of our ESPN national commercials every commerical break (4 per hour) and you got it.  I’m thinking ok, so how much is the fee to be the ESPN affilliate.  They say ‘it’s a barter agreement’  Everytime I hear ‘barter’ from someone in the media they want me to trade them a free car in exchange for airtime.  After a few more questions, I realize all I have to do is (more…)

This Week in Pop Country History: The Rhinestone Cowboy Vol II

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Real Deal This Week in Pop Country History: The Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell (aired Sept 09)

Compliments of Mr. Bobbo

The KSEY Chronicles Ch2: Which Format Attracks Men 25-54?

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We kept kicking the idea around, and in the meantime he taught me how to build and program an internet radio station. He hooked me up with some freeware to build a program log for the radio stream. Looking back, it was terribly clumsy program, and really more of a hobby than anything, but I kept thinking about his AM station. He claimed KSEY had a monster signal. He sent me some contour maps that showed AM coverage from Lawton Oklahoma to Abiene Texas (W-E) and Bowie to Childress Texas (S-N). (more…)

The Nooner is heading back to Amarillo

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1440Bobby Brown (Bobbo), executive suix chef, program director, and voice of 1230 ESPN got some bitchin news today.  Cumulus Amarillo is going to start simulcating his new (my old) noon show, the daily nooner.  Uncertain of the launch date, but we did recieve the confirmation that Bobbo’s daily radio show will be heard on both ESPN Wichita Falls, ESPN Amarillo, and you can always toon into the nooner by clicking the listen live button on  Bobbo also joins Wolfe, Wash, and I Saturday mornings on the RD for all 4 hours.  Bobbo is the one with the infamous impersonation skills.  Congradulations Bobbo <applause>

The KSEY Chronicles Ch1: For Sale

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Somtimes I wonder what it is about this damn radio studio that is so entertaining to me?  It’s 10:00 on a Monday night, and I’m in the studio rough drafting some ideas.  Every since we started this ESPN radio station in Wichita Falls 2.5 years back, I always find myself in this studio messing with all the gizmo.  It’s a very peculiar setup.  If you read this far, you may be interested so I’ll keep on keeping on here.