The KSEY Chronicles Ch2: Which Format Attracks Men 25-54?

Posted in ksey by wolferadio11 on October 15, 2009


We kept kicking the idea around, and in the meantime he taught me how to build and program an internet radio station. He hooked me up with some freeware to build a program log for the radio stream. Looking back, it was terribly clumsy program, and really more of a hobby than anything, but I kept thinking about his AM station. He claimed KSEY had a monster signal. He sent me some contour maps that showed AM coverage from Lawton Oklahoma to Abiene Texas (W-E) and Bowie to Childress Texas (S-N).

The next Sunday when I took my daughter back to Fort Worth, I kept the dial on 1230AM the entire trip until the signal became unaudible. Being the station was all Spanish at the time, you can imagine my daughter begging me to change the station, but I assured her to just hang in there with me. We didn’t loose the signal that day until half way between Bowie and Decatur. So the Southward mark was as claimed.

On the way back from FTW, I exited off 287 and drove around the city of Wichita Falls checking the signal strength. Sho nuff, tha she blows. The next week, I hopped in the car and went to Oklahoma, did the same test, and didn’t loose the Spanish signal until Chickasha Okla (well past Lawton). Next Sunday, same thing. Tabitha and I loaded up and literally drove from Vernon to Abilene until the signal ran out. I set the trip meter on my Dodge mega cab, and I lost the espanola at 157miles from Vernon. I’m thinking WOW this station has some punch, what could we do with it? I still had one more test, so the next week drove North bound to Childress and lost 1230AM about 20 miles NW of Childress.

I’m thinking, this signal is too big to run a car show 24/7, we need to do something better…what what what could I do with this, what a great opportunity. I began looking at radio sites, and industry magazines. Realized there was no real sports station in Wichita Falls market. I immediatly thought of 1310 The Ticket in Dallas. How could I reproduce that feel and vibe on 1230AM in this market. After some research I realized I couldn’t. The salaries woudl be WAY too much to keep live talk with talented hosts even just during the dayparts.

to be continued Oct 16 Ch3 JCFW

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