Kentucky couple accused of swapping ’99 Dodge Dakota for newborn

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A Kentucky couple face up to 20 years in jail for trading their used pickup for a baby. The couple, Jeremy and Jamie Brown, pleaded not guilty to human trafficking charges Friday after they allegedly traded a 1999 Dodge Dakota to Heather Kaminsky for her newborn in January. Jamie Brown and Kaminsky were childhood friends.

Police told the media that Kaminsky had her two previous children taken away from her home by Social Services in Florida, and they believe that’s why she moved to Kentucky to have this child. But after having the child, Kaminsky decided to trade the baby boy for the pickup. She then sold the pickup for $800 and some meth, according to police. “I honestly believe they had the best intentions,” said Lt. Rodney Van Zant of the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department. “But the way they went about it was the wrong way.” The child was reported in good health. Kaminsky remains at large.

‘Men Only’ Parking Comes To German Town

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A town in southwest Germany has drawn accusations of sexism after designating two particularly tricky parking spaces “men only.” The mayor of the Black Forest town of Triberg says women would find it difficult to park there because drivers need to back in diagonally without hitting a pillar and a wall. Gallus Strobel noted that 12 places in the 220-capacity car park are reserved for women. Many German cities designate a small number of parking spaces, usually near exits, for women concerned about their personal safety in poorly-lit garages. Strobel told The Associated Press on Thursday that he had received overwhelmingly positive reactions from men who feel discriminated against by “women only” parking. But the Triberg mayor says some “humorless people” had criticized the move.

Burke man gives away his BMW at Hooters

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 46-year-old man reported to police that he was inside the Hooters on Fairfax City VA last month when a couple came in and asked him for directions. The couple further revealed the heartbreaking development that they were on their way to a wedding when their vehicle broke down, Fairfax City Sgt. Joe Johnson said. Apparently deeply moved, the Hooters patron “advised them they could use his car,” a gray 2000 BMW 740iL, Johnson said. He also “told the unknown subjects to return the car to the parking lot the next day and give the keys to the employees” at Hooters, where he was apparently well known, Johnson said.

After leaving with the car, the couple actually returned later when they were unable to figure out how to open the gas tank, Johnson said. The Hooters patron helpfully showed them. And then off they went to the “wedding.” And that’s the last our Hooters patron saw of his BMW. When the good samaritan returned to Hooters the next day and found that his car had not been returned, he told police that he checked at other area Hooters restaurants, in case it had turned up there. After eight days and no BMW, he flagged down a Fairfax City officer and reported the sad tale.
And here’s the even sadder part: He had left a yellow engagement ring in the car, Johnson said, as well as a laptop computer, DVDs, and clothing. No value was available for the ring. The 2000 BMW 740iL originally retailed for at least $62,000, but the car’s Blue Book value now is estimated at about $8,000. Johnson said he was not familiar with any prior use of the “we-need-to-get-to-a-wedding-can-we-have-your-car scam” before. “I’ve heard of people using a scam to get money,” Johnson said. “But no one’s ever said, ‘Here’s my car, take it.’ That’s a wild one.”


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A $30 million Ferrari 250 GTO – regarded as a Picasso in the motoring world – was crumpled in what is being dubbed the world’s most expensive car crash. American investor Christopher Cox was driving his coveted sports car in a convoy of 20 other Ferraris on a five-day parade through France, part of a 50th anniversary tour for the rare model, when the accident occurred near Blois. He was rear-ended by another vehicle, sending the classic slamming into another car, according to media reports. Cox’s wife, Ann, suffered a broken leg and two passengers in the other car required hospital treatment.
Experts say it may be possible to rebuild the car. The total cost of the accident remains unknown, but the last previous crash pegged “the world’s most expensive” cost between $1 million and $4 million and involved eight Ferraris, three Mercedes and a Lamboghini.

GM reviewing Penn State sponsorship in wake of sex abuse case

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Pennsylvania State University will be paying a $60 million fine as a consequence of the child sex abuse scandal that’s engulfed the school since last year. But that’s not the only financial penalty it faces, as Penn State stands to lose many more millions of dollars in lost revenue from sponsors.

General Motors is reevaluating its financial support of the Nittany Lions athletic programs, though GM would not share specific details of its dealings with Penn State. If GM does decide to drop Penn State, it would follow on the heels of State Farm. The insurance company has announced that it is pulling TV advertisements during Penn State’s home football games, according to the report.

Penn State will also lose some $13 million in football bowl revenue that it would have been paid by the Big Ten conference. That money will instead be donated to “established charitable organizations in Big Ten communities dedicated to the protection of children,” according to a statement by the Big Ten Council of Presidents and Chancellors.