Surprise! Radio Still Used In Cars

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Here’s the good news: According to a recent study by the NPD Group, 73% of people who have FM radios in their cars say they turn them on during most car trips, and even in-car CD players are hanging onto the dashboard, with 57% reporting that they want a CD player in their next car’s audio system. The downside, which is not totally unexpected? More and more people are using their phones or iPods in their cars, with consumers spending more than $170 million last year on systems to help these gadgets play well with the decks in their autos, and 32% of respondents want smartphone or MP3 player hookups in their next car audio system. NPD’s Mobile CE: A Look Inside the Vehicle says that an astonishing 79% of people are now using some form of “portable media device” in their car, with 37% of iPod owners reporting they’re used “always” or “most of the time” while behind the wheel.

“Traditional radio and CD audio remain firmly entrenched in the vehicle from both a device and entertainment standpoint,” said Ben Arnold, NPD Director of Industry Analysis. “But as ownership of mobile devices, digital content and apps expands, consumers will be looking for ways to customize the in-vehicle environment with content and services. We’re only going to see greater consumer attachment to social media, streaming audio and video and other services as content options grow.” So as phones become just another button on the dashboard, are you making your content compelling enough that drivers don’t punch out of your preset?

Consumer Reports Top Vehicles for 2012 is… ?!

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Two years after Consumer Reports smacked Toyota by pulling its coveted Recommended label from the Japanese automaker’s vehicles in the wake of safety concerns, the venerable consumer products testing magazine has slipped back into its comfortable role of being one of Toyota’s biggest fans In announcing its annual Top Picks list, CR lauded five Toyota models as best-in-class, meaning the once beleaguered brand captured fully half of the category awards.
The Top 10 Picks By Category:
FAMILY SEDAN: Toyota Camry Hybrid ($29,052). In addition to its impressive 38 mpg overall fuel economy, other high points include a comfortable ride; a roomy, quiet, cabin; fairly quick acceleration; and for 2012, a nicer interior and somewhat crisper handling 
SPORTY CAR: Ford Mustang ($28,880 to $43,880). The heart of this iconic sports car has always been its strong acceleration and rumbling V8 power. But now there’s more to the Mustang than power. Agile handling, a decent ride, comfortable front seats, and very good fit and finish make the current version an inviting package. The Mustang delivers good fuel economy (22-24 mpg) for its class.
SMALL SUV: Toyota RAV4 ($24,405 to $30,328). With a four-cylinder engine, the RAV4 delivers some of the best gas mileage in its class (23 mpg). The spirited V6 version accelerates as quickly as many sports sedans and gets only 1 mpg less than the four-cylinder model.
AFFORDABLE FAMILY SEDAN: Hyundai Sonata ($21,800). CR chose the four-cylinder Sonata as a more affordable alternative to the Camry Hybrid. The Sonata provides a roomy, well-equipped cabin, supple ride, nimble handling, and thrifty 27 mpg overall, for just a little bit more money than many small sedans.
FAMILY HAULER: Toyota Sienna V6 ($35,810) The Sienna fits the bill nicely for families looking for a comfortable, roomy interior, plenty of features, and the ability to carry up to eight people. Among its high points are lively performance, decent fuel economy (20 mpg), and a comfortable ride, although the handling is rather lackluster. It’s the only minivan that has at least average reliability.
SPORTS SEDAN: Infiniti G ($34,225 to $37,225). The G37’s agile handling, blistering acceleration, and comfortable, well-crafted interior make it one of CR’s highest-scoring sedans. The G is on this list for the sixth straight year. The less expensive but equally inviting G25 isn’t as quick, but gets 24 mpg overall, 3 more than the G37.
GREEN CAR: Toyota Prius ($26,750 to $28,217). The Prius sets the standard for fuel efficiency, practicality, and affordability with its overall 44 mpg. Its roomy interior, comfortable ride, and hatchback versatility make it easy to live with. The 41 mpg of the new Prius V wagon easily tops its class.
SMALL CAR: Subaru Impreza ($21,345). Redesigned for 2012, the all-wheel-drive Impreza is a well-rounded roomy sedan with nimble handling and a compliant, absorbent ride that rivals some luxury sedans Fuel economy of 27 mpg overall is impressive for an AWD car.
PICKUP TRUCK: Chevrolet Avalanche ($47,435). The Avalanche provides the best combination of utility and versatility of any pickup CR has tested. Its unified bed and cab help give it a steady, comfortable ride, and the cabin is quiet. Its overall mpg is 14.
FAMILY SUV: Toyota Highlander ($38,578 to $47,255). The refined, comfortable, and quiet Highlander has consistently ranked near the top of its class in CR’s road-test scores and has had above-average reliability. The V6 version delivers a decent 18 mpg overall, and the hybrid model tops all SUVs at 27.

36 cars fall through ice at Wisconsin fishing tournament

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This winter hasn’t been quite as cold as it could have been, but in Wisconsin, there have been enough sub-freezing days for lakes to develop about of foot-thick coating of ice. That’s enough ice for some good ice fishing, but it apparently isn’t thick enough to use as a high-traffic parking lot.
Frozen anglers at a Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin fishing tournament decided to park in close proximity to one another on the ice with predictably disastrous results. Hit the jump to watch the Twin Cities’ Fox News 9 and its coverage of tow trucks plucking vehicle after vehicle out of the appropriately named Lake Winnebago. We saw quite a few pricey pickup trucks being pulled out of the deep, but we’re thinking the pea-green Pontiac Aztek could have been left in the lake long before the incident. The lesson here DON’T PARK YOUR CARS ON A FROZEN LAKE!!!


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What behavior really gets your goat? According to a Consumer Reports survey, texters top the list of most annoying drivers. Consumer Reports polled 895 Americans in a January 2012 telephone survey and asked the respondents to rate 20 common driver complaints on a scale from one (not annoyed) to 10 (very annoyed).

Age and gender had a lot to do with the results: Women were more irritated by texters and tailgaters, and younger drivers were less bothered by loud music than older motorists.

Most annoying behaviors on a scale of 1-10:

  • Texting on a cell phone while driving 8.9
  • Able-bodied drivers parking in handicapped spaces 8.7
  • Tailgaters 8.4
  • Drivers who cut you off 8.3
  • Speeding and swerving in and out of traffic 8.2
  • Taking up two parking spaces 7.7
  • Talking on a cell phone while driving 7.6
  • Not letting you merge into a lane 7.6
  • Not dimming high beams when approaching 7.6
  • Not using turn signals 7.5
  • Slow drivers dawdling in the passing lane 7.3
  • Jaywalkers stepping in front of your car 7.3
  • Excessive horn honking 7.1
  • Slowing down to “rubberneck” at accidents 7.0
  • Not turning on lights when it’s raining or at dusk 6.8
  • Drivers who are indecisive about where to turn 6.6
  • Slow drivers on a two-lane road who won’t pull over 6.5
  • Not going when the light turns green 6.1
  • Bicyclists who don’t let you by 5.8
  • Cranking up the radio volume 5.7

Monster truck driver pays for crushing teen’s first car

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Stay with us on this, because the scene to the left is one big misunderstanding. It’s a little hard to make out in the YouTube video below, but Norman Nowling is backing his Ford Econoline monster van over the top of a Toyota Camry When he finished his brutal work, the Camry wouldn’t be going anywhere that didn’t involve the words “flatbed” and “chains.” So imagine the shock when the Toyota’s 16-year-old owner returned to it in the wee hours, noticeably flatter than we she left it.
The incident happened at the Redneck Yacht Club, a mudding and swamp trails park in Punta Gorda, Florida. The teen attended a concert at the park during “Swamp Cabbage Weekend” and apparently left her car parked near “the mud hole,” a park location that obviously attracts monster trucks. She went mudding elsewhere in the park, didn’t return to her car right after the concert, and at some point the assembled group of monster truckers decided they were going to run over it.
Nowling’s taken the heat because it’s him on the video, but he’s not the bad guy everyone’s made him out to be. See, Nowling was the last guy to the mud hole party, and before he got there at least two other trucks had tried to run over the Camry and failed. Folks cheered Norman on to do the honors, but before he did he repeatedly asked security if it was all right, and according to his police statement, security told him it was fine, that the Toyota was abandoned. Also, according to Nowling, the fire department and the police were there as he was doing it. And as you can see in the video, Norman didn’t act alone: Another truck holds the Camry in place while Nowling prepares to back over it.
Nowling was eventually arrested for felony Criminal Mischief and released on bond. Then he held a press conference to tell his side of what happened, and during the conference handed the teen’s stepfather a check for $6,500 to replace her car. Why? “I have a daughter, and it is the right thing to do,” he said. “I need to go to sleep every night with a clear conscience.” He’s apparently been banned from the RYC, but he’s hoping the other truck owners involved will also come forward. Check out the video below:


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Eugene, Oregon Police will lend out radar guns to citizens to help police nab speeders, Sgt. Lisa Barrong said earlier this week. Citizens who are entrusted with the devices must complete a department training program led by a traffic enforcement officer, Barrong explained, and when they’re ready to hit the streets, they will work in pairs, using calibrated guns to ensure accuracy of speeds recorded.

A detailed log of activity is then submitted to police, who say they may see a drop in speeding merely due to the program’s preventative nature. “If people see someone standing there pointing a radar gun typically they’ll slow their speed down,” Barrong said.

Newt Gingrich: “You cannot put a gun rack in a Chevy Volt”…WRONG!!!

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Looks like Newt Gingrich is getting into the right-wing, “let’s-all-hate-on-the-Chevrolet-Volt” bandwagon.
During a campaign stop at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK, the trailing Republican candidate said, “Let me start from a simple premise that Oklahomans will understand: you cannot put a gun rack in a Volt,” Talking Points Memo reports. It appears that Gingrich is trying out a new attack line, as Raw Story is reporting that he used a similar line at an event in Suwanee, GA. There, he continued, “There is no reason not to believe that we couldn’t stabilize with American production by drowning demand in supply the old-fashioned, free market way. There’s no reason we couldn’t have a stable price around $2 or $2.50 [per gallon].”

As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for a Volt owner to take Mr. Gingrich’s words as a challenge… you can see the predictable YouTube results BELOW:

Swedish man found alive after snow buries him in car for two months

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In a chilling story, of which details are still emerging, a 45-year-old Swedish man has been found alive after being stranded in his snow-covered car near the Arctic Circle for a reported two months. He survived without food, but was apparently able to melt snow for water.

According to authorities, men on snowmobiles were traveling through the forest in Sweden’s northern town of Umeå when they came across a vehicle buried in the snow. Being nearly a mile from the main road, they cleared the windows to peer inside and were shocked to see a man huddled in a sleeping bag on the back seat Rescue services soon arrived, in tracked vehicles, to bring the seriously emaciated man to the hospital.

Since the rescued man is barely able to speak, the medical staff has estimated that he was trapped in the vehicle for about two months – about as long as a human can survive without food. Despite temperatures plunging a low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit, the vehicle and its thick layer of snow apparently helped to protect him from the extreme weather. The man is currently recovering in an intensive care unit at Umeå University Hospital.


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A federal complaint contends that U.S.-based car buyers received almost a quarter billion dollars to purchase and ship used vehicles as part of an international money-laundering scheme involving Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah. The civil action pending in U.S. District Court in New York City seeks forfeiture of assets from several Middle Eastern financial institutions and 30 used-car buyers and exporters. The U.S. Attorney says these automotive companies bought vehicles at auction with money provided by banks, currency exchanges and individuals “associated with, funded by, controlled by, or directed by” Hezbollah. A lawyer for the companies said his clients are not connected to Hezbollah and had no knowledge that money provided to them came from the group.

A total of about $248 million was wired from Lebanon to the 30 car buyers between January 2007 and early 2011, according to the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan.. A restraining order accompanying the forfeiture action says the U.S. seeks “all assets” of the car buyers, “including but not limited to” the $248 million sent to their accounts “and proceeds traceable thereto.” It is illegal for any American citizen to deal in property or interests of Hezbollah, which the U.S. government identifies as one of the nation’s top enemies, responsible for the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 and other deadly attacks against Americans.


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What’s Tom Cruise’s name worth? Apparently $41,200. A Porsche 928 that appeared in the film “Risky Business” was sold for $49,000 after a Beverly Hills car dealer read about it on The car was being offered by the Volo Auto Museum outside Chicago in order to make room for a couple of new additions to its collection.

The 1979 coupe was used in several scenes in the 1983 film that launched Cruise’s career as a Hollywood A-lister and was reportedly the very car in which Cruise first learned to drive a manual transmission in. According to NADA Guides, the average street price for a 1979 928 is just $7,800. With over 100,000 miles on the odometer, the platinum metallic coupe may not be in as good shape as its action hero driver, but it clearly has the same kind of box office draw.