Most Expensive Five-Car Crash Ever? A Bentley Driver Causes a Wreck With a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Porsche

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It’s a good thing this woman is clearly rich, because her collision insurance is NOT going to cover this. Yesterday morning in Monte Carlo, Monaco, a woman was driving her $403,000 Bentley Azure when she lost control.  Her name wasn’t released . . . she’s only been described as “blonde.” And after she lost control, here’s what happened . . . Her Bentley scraped the side of a $121,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class . . . She bounced off and plowed into a $231,000 Ferrari F430. . . She crashed from there into a $242,000 Aston Martin Rapide . . . And finally came to a stop as she rammed a $129,000 Porsche 911. All five cars came to a standstill as things got sorted out.  Tons of tourists gathered around to take photos. The total value of the five cars involved in the pile-up is $1,126,000.  Most of the cars will need replacement bumpers . . . and the early estimate on the repairs is over $160,000.

A DMV Office in California Was Closed For a Week After a Student Driver Rammed Their Car into It

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We’ve all THOUGHT about driving straight through the wall of the DMV.  Just to show them.  But this was supposedly an accident . . .A student driver in Roseville, California was practicing in the parking lot of the local DMV on Monday around 8:00 P.M.  (–Roseville is just northeast of Sacramento.) But the kid hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and drove through the wall of the building, leaving a hole about three feet tall and four feet wide. Since he was behind the wheel of a car registered to the driving school, we’re assuming the instructor was in the car with him. Which is kind of strange, since by the time police responded they were GONE. So they’re treating it as a hit and run. Local driving schools regularly give lessons in the DMV parking lot after hours, and this is the THIRD time in the last FIVE years that a student has hit the building. The building’s closed this week and maybe longer, depending on how much damage contractors find.  Anyone who had scheduled a driving test will be accommodated, they just have to wait outside in the heat on plastic lawn chairs.

For the Seventh Straight Year, Porsche is Voted the Most Appealing Car Brand in the U.S.

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Believe it or not, more people dream of driving a Porsche 911 than a foam green Suzuki hatchback. Yesterday, J.D. Power and Associates released the results of their annual survey on the most appealing cars in the U.S.  For the seventh straight year, Porsche came in first place.  Suzuki came in last. The cars are ranked based on owner evaluations on how gratifying the car is to buy, own, and drive. The top of the list is dominated by luxury car brands.  After Porsche, it goes:  Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, MINI, Lincoln, and Cadillac. Suzuki came in last, just below Subaru.  Just ahead of those two are:  Jeep, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, Mitsubishi and Mazda. Overall, vehicle appeal is at an all time high.  The average score for all brands was 781 out of 1,000 . . . up from 778 last year. The survey also ranked individual models based on their size and segment.  

Here are some of the big winners . . .

Best subcompact car:  Ford Fiesta.

Best compact car:  Chevrolet Volt.

Best midsize car:  Suzuki Kizashi.  (–Even though Suzuki did the worst on the overall brand list, this model is apparently a big winner.)

Best large car:  Dodge Charger.

Best compact sporty car:  Volkswagen GTI.

Best midsize sporty car:  Dodge Challenger.

Best entry premium car:  Lexus IS.

Best midsize premium car:  BMW 5-series.

Best large premium car:  Hyundai Equus.

Best midsize SUV/crossover:  Dodge Durango.

Best large SUV/crossover:  Nissan Armada.

Best large pickup:  Ford F-150.

Best minivan:  Honda Odyssey. 

140 Wheels Stolen from Rockwall Dealership

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 Wheels and tires were stolen off 35 cars from a dealership in Rockwall, Texas, police say. The Rockwall Police Department alerted Robert Bobo, the owner of Heritage Buick GMC, to the burglary Sunday morning, KXAS-TV reported. The vehicles, Yukons and pickup trucks, were found on cinder blocks, their 20-inch tires and wheels missing. Bobo explained that dealerships occasionally fall victim to burglary, but the theft he sustained at his lot was unheard of. “Dealerships deal with minor incidences frequently. I’ve been in the car business over 20 years and I’ve never heard of a theft of this magnitude,” said Bobo. “The police indicated to me that they have never had a report of a theft of this many tires/wheels at one location.” Bobo said he is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the culprits.

Speeding Causes the Most Fights Between Couples in Cars . . . Here are the Other Seven Reasons

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ALL couples get into fights in the car.  Even those obnoxious couples who swear they never fight and live their entire lives like a Disney fairytale . . . you know they’ve screamed at each other in the car at some point.  Driving stresses people out. A new survey asked couples for the MAIN cause of their fights in the car.  And here are the top eight responses, in order:



#1.)  Speeding, which was picked by 23% of the people in the survey

#2.)  Getting lost, 18%

#3.)  Tailgating, 13%

#4.)  Being too aggressive, 12%

#5.)  Bad parking, 5%

#6.)  Bad radio selections . . . Like listening to any station other than this one, 4.7%

#7.)  Driving too slowly, 4.6%

#8.)  The kids fighting in the back, 4%

(–The remaining 16% picked ‘none of the above.’)

A Man Tries to Siphon Gas From a Car Using a Leaf Blower . . . And the Car Explodes

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I’m not a chemist, but I do know this:  When you’ve got the gas tank open on your car, you HAVE to be careful . . . because you’re one tiny spark away from getting BLOWN THE EFF UP. 31-year-old Joseph Williamson of Seminole, Florida apparently lacked that basic level of common sense. Last Thursday, Joseph went outside and saw that the gas cap was open on his girlfriend’s 1997 Saturn.  He was worried someone had messed with the car and put sugar in the tank. So he decided to siphon out the gas.  But not by using a hose . . . no, Joseph decided he was going to try to suck out the gas with an electric LEAF BLOWER. And, as expected, a spark from the leaf blower ignited the gas tank . . . and the CAR EXPLODED! Joseph suffered serious burns to his arms, but otherwise he was miraculously alright. The car  was destroyed in the explosion.

The Average Person Spends Over a Year Listening to the Radio in Their Car . . . . and Owns 26 Cars, Drives 300,000 Miles, and Flirts With 68 Other Drivers

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A new study calculated a bunch of different lifetime driving stats for the average person.  So, SPOILER ALERT: Here’s how the rest of your life is going to go, at least behind the wheel.  The average person will . . .

–Drive from age 16 until age 77-and-a-half, for 61-and-a-half years of driving.

–Own 26 cars.

–Drive almost 300,000 miles.

–Break the speed limit 18,165 times, or about 300 times a year.

–Fill up with gas 2,645 times.

–Go to a mechanic 31 times.

–Drive on 15 dates.

Flirt with 68 other drivers.

–Sit in 9,348 traffic jams for 100 days, 21 hours, and seven minutes.

–Get lost 336 times.

–Have 35 minor accidents, including bumps and scrapes.

–Have 81 near misses on accidents.

–Break down 13 times and have 15 flat tires.

–Eat in the car 1,093 times.

–Spill a drink in the car 306 times.

–Cry in the car 82 times.

–Apply make-up or brush their hair 363 times.

–Argue in the car with their significant other 3,646 times.

–And finally, LISTEN TO THE RADIO 4,879 times, for a total of 376 days, 11 hours, and two minutes.  376 days, 11 hours, and two minutes VERY well spent.