For the Seventh Straight Year, Porsche is Voted the Most Appealing Car Brand in the U.S.

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Believe it or not, more people dream of driving a Porsche 911 than a foam green Suzuki hatchback. Yesterday, J.D. Power and Associates released the results of their annual survey on the most appealing cars in the U.S.  For the seventh straight year, Porsche came in first place.  Suzuki came in last. The cars are ranked based on owner evaluations on how gratifying the car is to buy, own, and drive. The top of the list is dominated by luxury car brands.  After Porsche, it goes:  Jaguar, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, MINI, Lincoln, and Cadillac. Suzuki came in last, just below Subaru.  Just ahead of those two are:  Jeep, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, Mitsubishi and Mazda. Overall, vehicle appeal is at an all time high.  The average score for all brands was 781 out of 1,000 . . . up from 778 last year. The survey also ranked individual models based on their size and segment.  

Here are some of the big winners . . .

Best subcompact car:  Ford Fiesta.

Best compact car:  Chevrolet Volt.

Best midsize car:  Suzuki Kizashi.  (–Even though Suzuki did the worst on the overall brand list, this model is apparently a big winner.)

Best large car:  Dodge Charger.

Best compact sporty car:  Volkswagen GTI.

Best midsize sporty car:  Dodge Challenger.

Best entry premium car:  Lexus IS.

Best midsize premium car:  BMW 5-series.

Best large premium car:  Hyundai Equus.

Best midsize SUV/crossover:  Dodge Durango.

Best large SUV/crossover:  Nissan Armada.

Best large pickup:  Ford F-150.

Best minivan:  Honda Odyssey. 

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