A List of Banned License Plates Includes HUMPIT, RECTUM, and IPOOP

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Every year, Illinois has a list of personalized license plates that are BANNED by the state.  It’s their way of trying to make sure that no one sneaks a DIRTY license plate past them. This year, the list is up to 4,758 entries.  And while the entire thing isn’t released to the public, a portion was put out to local newspapers. Our 10 favorite from the list:  ASSMAN . . . DOGYSTL . . . HMROYD . . . HUMPIT . . . RECTUM . . . ENDOWD . . . JUSTAHO . . . MENOPOZ . . . UBFGLY . . . and, of course, IPOOP.


Mazda Has Recalled 65,000 Cars . . . Because Spiders Keep Building Webs Inside Their Fuel Lines

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Yesterday, Mazda announced that it’s recalling 52,000 Mazda 6 sedans in the U.S., and 13,000 in Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.  And the reason is AMAZING. For some reason, spiders won’t stop building webs inside the Mazda 6 fuel system.  The webs have already caused the fuel tanks of 20 cars to leak, and could cause a whole lot more. They’re called Yellow Sac spiders, and they’ve been building their webs in the evaporative canister vent line.  That can mess up the car’s emission controls, which can lead to the fuel tank cracking. Yellow Sac spiders are almost exclusively in North America. As for WHY the Yellow Sac spiders gravitate toward Mazda 6’s . . . no one has any idea.  The spiders don’t like the cold, and apparently the Mazda fuel system provides them the exact kind of environment they like. If you own a four-cylinder 2009 or 2010 Mazda 6, it’s probably part of the recall.  Mazda is telling people to take it to a dealer, who can inspect the canister and see if spiders have been spinning webs inside. If so, they can clear them out.  And they’ll also install a spring that keeps spiders from being able to get inside.  And all of it’s free of charge. The good news for Mazda is that it’s safe to say that spiders overwhelmingly prefer Mazda over Toyota, Nissan, and Honda making it the number one vehicle in the spider demographic. “Mazda, spider tested spider approved!”

VW unveils new model of microbus loved by hippies

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GENEVA – Volkswagen AG is resurrecting its iconic microbus, which debuted in 1950 and became a favorite of hippies for its unique styling and copious space for travelers.

Volkswagen is showing a concept version of the van — known by its German nickname, the Bulli — at the Geneva Auto Show on Tuesday. Among the six-seater’s modern twists: It’s powered by an electric motor and uses an iPad to control the entertainment system, climate control and other functions.

Volkswagen said the Bulli can go up to 186.4 miles on a single battery charge. That’s far, considering that the Nissan Leaf is rated at 73 miles on a charge by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Bulli can go up to 87 miles per hour.

The Bulli was the brainchild of a Dutch Volkswagen importer, Ben Pon, who in 1947 sketched out a simple public bus built on the wheels of the Volkswagen Beetle. The original Bulli was made from 1950 to 1967. Other versions followed, and the vehicle was eventually sold worldwide.

The concept is slightly shorter and wider than the original, with a less boxy front. But there are plenty of nods to the original, including a three-person bench seat in the front and a two-tone paint job.

Volkswagen hasn’t confirmed that the concept van will go into production.


A Man Drives For 35 Miles and Hits 100 Miles-Per-Hour . . . With His Wife On the Hood Clinging To His Windshield Wiper

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I know this is a story about a really sad fight between a husband and a wife that escalated WAY, WAY too far . . . but all I can think about is how this woman has found her true calling as a stunt woman. On Saturday, 36-year-old Christopher Carroll of Manteca, California got into a fight with his wife.  Her name hasn’t been released. Christopher threatened to leave, and got into the family minivan.  She got on the hood of the van to stop him. Only it didn’t work:  He started DRIVING.  She held on.  He kept going.  She held on to a windshield wiper blade.  He went to the FREEWAY.  She kept holding on. When all was said and done, Carroll drove 35 MILES with his wife on the hood of the minivan . . . in 30-degree weather . . . and even hit speeds as fast as 100 MILES-PER-HOUR.  She never let go, and never fell. Two people called 911.  By the time police arrived, Carroll had slowed down and his wife had safely rolled off the hood.  A witness took her to the hospital where she was treated for hypothermia. Carroll was arrested and charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and domestic assault.  About a week earlier, Carroll had been arrested for being under the influence of a controlled substance, then released.