There are no scratches on the outside of this car, but the vehicle is totaled!

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grizzly1A man in Waterton Park, (south of Calgary), came out to find
the inside of his 18 month old Toyota Sequoia trashed.

A grizzly bear had somehow got a door open.
Once inside it got trapped when the door shut behind him,

probably by the wind.



The Toyota was the Platinum edition, all the door panels were
ripped off, the head-liner torn to pieces, all headrests, the
leather seats, the dash shredded.
The steering column was twisted Sideways. Two of the six

airbags went off, the other four the bear ripped to pieces.

You can imagine a trapped grizzly being hit with an airbag in
an enclosed space!
He must have figured he was in for the fight of his life, and by

the looks of this car, he won the fight.


grizzly4When the bear ripped off the door panels he also clawed all

the wiring harnesses out.
Toyota figures every wire he pulled or clawed at resulted in

alarm bells, voices or sparks.

The head mechanic at Calgary Toyota doubted if they had
the expertise to put this vehicle back together, even if they
had enough parts to do it. And, to add insult to injury, the
bear took a big Dump in the back of the SUV . . . and then
broke out the rear window. (So a bear doesn’t always shit in the woods.)


Fish and wildlife officers have inspected the damage and figure
it was a 3 year old Grizzly.

The vehicle has been written off by the insurance company.
The cost of this fully optioned vehicle new was over $70,000,

and they stopped counting the repair costs at $60,000 plus.

Brazilian woman destroys cheating husband’s car in public

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It’s a tale as old as time. Boy meet girl… boy cheats on girl… girl goes to town on boy’s car with a hammer. Wait, what? Okay, maybe not the most orthodox of love stories, but according to the poster of this video, it’s exactly what happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. The description claims that the fiery redhead was enraged by her husband’s apparent infidelity, leading her to take out her frustrations on what looks like a ’90s fifth-generation Honda Accord. She wailed on the defenseless Honda with a hammer, hitting the hood, windshield and completely destroying the rear window as many looked on in a mix of curiosity and amusement. At no time did anyone intervene or try to calm the woman down, but she was, after all, wielding a hammer. When enough damage had been done, the scorned lover picked up her bag and strutted off to the sound of applause and whistling. Check out the (admittedly shaky and grainy) video of the destruction, and let it serve as a warning to all cheaters out there – hell still hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Truck decked out in festive lights gets owner a ticket for Christmas

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xmas lights truck
Nobody likes getting a ticket from the police, but a $300 fine given to David Hill of Wichita, KS could prove to be some of the cheapest PR a charity could receive. Hill had his Ford F-350 Super Duty covered in 856 Christmas lights to help raise awareness to his charity, One Spark Can Start a Fire, when a Wichita police officer pulled him over and ticketed him for being a distraction on the road and illegally displaying red and blue lights on a vehicle (although it’s hard to believe that anyone could confuse this truck for any sort of emergency vehicle).The lights were attached to the truck using magnets and powered by an 8,000-Watt generator mounted in the bed of the truck. The lights are a great way to draw local attention to his charity, but Hill sees the ticket as a way he can draw even more attention to One Spark, which is a non-profit organization intent on performing random acts of kindness such as collecting clothes and providing food for the homeless, according to the organization’s Facebook page.

Acura TL bursts into flames moments before being traded in at Ontario dealership

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acura in flames

Watching your car burst into flames before your eyes is never good news, and it’s even worse when you’re mere moments away from trading it in at the local dealership. This Car-B-Q blaze apparently erupted at Acura 2000, a dealer in Brampton, Ontario. As the video tells us, the unlucky customer saw his 2004-2008 Acura TL trade-in suddenly catch fire and go up in resale-value-killing smoke.

According to the hyped-up cameraman (who evidently works next door at Northwest Lexus) and his eccentric play-by-play commentary, this Acura owner is about to be left without a ride home and might want to consider switching to a Lexus instead.


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gw truck

On January 19, 2013, a 2009 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4×4 Super Crew pickup once owned by former President George W. Bush will cross the block at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction.

The truck has likely racked up only modest mileage, as it was used exclusively on Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch and purchased after his departure from the White House.


The title will be transferred to the new buyer directly from former President Bush, who has also signed the passenger airbag panel. A video of Bush signing the truck and driving it on the ranch is also part of the package, which helps document the truck’s provenance for posterity.

All proceeds from the sale will go to Fisher House Foundation, which provides no-charge temporary housing for the families of military members being treated for injuries. Fisher House also has scholarship programs available to children and spouses of fallen or disabled veterans.

The million-dollar question is this: what is a Ford F-150 owned by a former president worth? Retail on a clean, low mileage 2009 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4×4 Super Crew is in the neighborhood of $28,000, so how much more will the association with former President Bush bring?

Last year, Barrett-Jackson sold a New Holland tractor owned by Jay Leno and signed by George W. Bush for $535,000, with proceeds also going to the Fisher House Foundation. Will the Ford F-150 top that number? Best guess is yes, and by quite a large margin.


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God may indeed be the divine ruler of all creation. For now, police officers still make the rules on Florida’s roads.
How else to explain why a Florida woman who claimed the Lord told her to drive 100 miles per hour through a 30-mph residential neighborhood was nonetheless arrested for reckless driving?

Residents reported a woman in a silver Toyota was racing down a residential street near U.S. 1 in Fort Pierce, Fla., on Nov. 20, and repeatedly honking her horn and frantically waving her arms and gesturing. Officers pursued her in a high-speed chase.

When Melissa Miller, 41, finally pulled over, she told officers that “I was letting the Lord spirit guide me,” according to a police report of the incident. She said repeatedly honked loudly because “The Lord was telling me to do it.”

Dad uses sexy photos of daughter to boost sales of his car on eBay

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Kim Ridley wanted to drum up sales for his 1977 Datsun Z-Series 280Z on eBay. He did what every father would do; Ask his 20 year old daughter to pose seductivly around the car. Check out a few of the photos of Lexxa Ridley and be sure to check out his(now closed) eBay listing with even more photos. The car sold for $7,500.



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These two “beauties” ran at the auction. It appears one person was a HUGE fan of the Green Lantern and the other of the Texas Tech Red Raiders…WTF!?! To no ones surprise neither car sold. Can you guess what kind of car each one is?  We’ll revival the answer Saturday morning between 9a-Noon!