Introducing the Fartmobile

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The next movement: a Dung Beetle?

     Today, a British company unveiled a prototype for a new vehicle, the BioBug, that runs on poop — more specifically, the methane that arises from human waste. “We have been producing biogas for many years,” an employee of the company, Wessex Water, told the Telegraph with a straight face. “With the surplus gas we had available we wanted to put it to good use in a sustainable and efficient way.” Added Lord Rupert Redesdale, the head of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association, whose family has been producing gas for centuries, “This is a very exciting and forward-thinking project demonstrating the myriad benefits of anaerobic digestion (releasing energy from waste). Biomethane cars could be just as important as electric cars.”
All they have to do now is get Leonardo DiCaprio onboard. But maybe they’d settle for Howard Stern.

Podcast of Henry Hill (Goodfellas) with John Clay in studio, for a revealing interview Aug-2010

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Jeanette Wolfe, John Clay Wolfe, Henry Hill, Mike Turley, Bobbo

John Clay and Henry have an hour long deep rooted conversation about the facts from his life story (Goodfellas), how it was then, how it is now.  Don’t start listening to this interview unless you have an hour available, because once you hit play, it’s hard to stop listening.  Also, during the 5 min commercial break (:30-35) listen to John Clay and Turley disscuss of air how to handle Henry’s obnoxious finance.  She was creating a stir in the studio.  She is exactly the stereotype, from the mob films, of a loud-pushy-Italian women.  If you are a big fan of Goodfellas, this podcast show is an absolute must listen.

Click Link to the right, or picture above to initiate podcast. (more…)

Buying cars, just to be buying cars..

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I’m looking at my auction results today, and reminiscing back to earlier in this decade..back when I was buying cars just to be buying cars.  I trade cars wholesale, that means dealer to dealer, auction to dealer, or dealer to auction.  Those are the three methods of transactions in the wholesale used car business.

I sold 14 units today at the Dallas Auto Auction, and averaged $124.15 per unit.  is $1700 bucks I have now, that I didn’t have before, but before what? (more…)

You can take the Country out of the boy…

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Obnoxious sells, Exotic sells, Sex sells….and this is all in one.   We’re going to run this through the Dallas Fort Worth Auto Auction Thurs, I’ll keep you posted on what she brings.  Boss Hogg, eat your heart out.  It’s a 2008 F450, 20″ air/hydralic lift, semi wheels, 5000 watt stereo, bumpers, winch, the list goes on and on.  Oh, and don’t forget the bullhorns.