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(L-R)Real Deal Crew Frazier , Wooten, Washabaugh, John Clay , DJ, and Dan)

 Real Deal Radio is the brain child of John Clay Wolfe of Fort Worth Texas.  Wolfe began the show dubbed ‘top gear’ in 2005 in Wichita Falls Texas’s (KOLI) in efforts to market his own Ford dealership in Vernon.  The show was an immediate success from his on air (sometimes full frontal) exposure of the truth about the car business.  He also Pioneered the concept of “on air bidding”  Wolfe’s previous career as one of the nations largest wholesale distributors, gives him the uncanny knack of litierally memorizing the used car market like flashcards.  “You never know what John’s going to say, he’s a wild man on air, but the boy knows his stuff and knows how to deliver it through that mic.  He doesn’t use a book, the guy is a walking talking book…he’s like Rain Man of car values…it’s almost spooky”, Scotty Preston (Wolfe’s original on air co-host).    

The original Top Gear show (Summer 2006) was based out of Cumulus radio’s 94.9 The Outlaw in Wichita Falls, Tx.  With excellent ratings, Top Gear quickly syndicated to other markets around W Texas and Oklahoma.  Wolfe even went as far to purchase his own radio station.  1230AM KSEY in Wichita Falls, and personally erected the on air studio literally on the showroom floor on his West Texas Ford & Dodge dealership.  He flipped KSEY’s format from Tex-Mex to ESPN Sports, and took to the airwaves daily from 12-1 with his on air comb-over of the Drudge Report ‘The Daily Nooner”. 

“With the success of the Saturday car show, I wanted to further my radio career.  Having my own station gave me the opporuntity to daily hone my on-air skills.  II needed a few hundred hours of practice, if to have a chance of competing on Major market radio in the future.  Without those 18 months of daily nooner practice time, it simply would not have happend.”, says Wolfe.  The Daily Nooner also became affilliated on Cumulus air in Amarillo, TX on their KZRK 1440 ESPN station.  In late 2008 John and Jeanette Wolfe moved their family back to Fort Worth Texas, where Wolfe immediately found a home for his Saturday program on CBS Sports Talker 105.3 The Fan KRLD FM.  The ratings from the show grew at a rate that caught the attention of Clear Channel.  Wolfe can now be found Saturday mornings on 97.1 the Eagle.

John Clay also said, “The show, the blog, syndication, and most importantly the dealer network are all coming together piece by piece, day by day.  It’s goign to take change the car business as we know it for one simple reason.   Helping the customers with their trade in by putting the correct value on it, a task that a computer simply cannot do efficiently.  Software designers/dealers will claim to the public they can do it, but until they can program computers to have emotions and gut instincts from experience, it cannot be executed it correctly.   Coming from a heavy wholesale background, then a retailer, then a talk show host, then a station owner has prepared me for this.  It’s been 15 years in the making, but I’ve never felt more passionate and positive about any project I have ever endured.”

Tune into the Real Deal Saturday Mornings on air or on line.  Visit for more info

original studio booth at Wolfe Ford Dodge

105.3 The Fan studio in Dallas, Texas with Kent Montgomery

 New Real Deal Studio in Fort Worth Texas.

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  1. marty briles said, on November 27, 2010 at 10:54 AM

    i have a 2005 ram 1500 lonstar silver woth black. 127k ,iles upside down and would like my best option , It does have gap!

    choices f150 or tundra which is the better truck.
    thanks and love your show.

    marty 214-642-9165

  2. Legs O'Hiley said, on January 22, 2011 at 10:23 AM

    Dude… Great show this morning. The dealership commercials were hilarious.

  3. dennis jordan said, on January 25, 2011 at 9:55 AM

    John- I have a buddy with a crisp 2004 red convertible corvette with LSI ENGINE.
    He needs to sell this badly. His name is Ron Smith –Smitty. Phone is 214-893-4124.
    This car is paid off. He is needing to sell as good as he can get.
    If all else fails we will go to Bob Clark at Vandergriff- Chevrolet.

    Dennis Jordan

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