A Man Tries to Siphon Gas From a Car Using a Leaf Blower . . . And the Car Explodes

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I’m not a chemist, but I do know this:  When you’ve got the gas tank open on your car, you HAVE to be careful . . . because you’re one tiny spark away from getting BLOWN THE EFF UP. 31-year-old Joseph Williamson of Seminole, Florida apparently lacked that basic level of common sense. Last Thursday, Joseph went outside and saw that the gas cap was open on his girlfriend’s 1997 Saturn.  He was worried someone had messed with the car and put sugar in the tank. So he decided to siphon out the gas.  But not by using a hose . . . no, Joseph decided he was going to try to suck out the gas with an electric LEAF BLOWER. And, as expected, a spark from the leaf blower ignited the gas tank . . . and the CAR EXPLODED! Joseph suffered serious burns to his arms, but otherwise he was miraculously alright. The car  was destroyed in the explosion.

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