The Average Person Spends Over a Year Listening to the Radio in Their Car . . . . and Owns 26 Cars, Drives 300,000 Miles, and Flirts With 68 Other Drivers

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A new study calculated a bunch of different lifetime driving stats for the average person.  So, SPOILER ALERT: Here’s how the rest of your life is going to go, at least behind the wheel.  The average person will . . .

–Drive from age 16 until age 77-and-a-half, for 61-and-a-half years of driving.

–Own 26 cars.

–Drive almost 300,000 miles.

–Break the speed limit 18,165 times, or about 300 times a year.

–Fill up with gas 2,645 times.

–Go to a mechanic 31 times.

–Drive on 15 dates.

Flirt with 68 other drivers.

–Sit in 9,348 traffic jams for 100 days, 21 hours, and seven minutes.

–Get lost 336 times.

–Have 35 minor accidents, including bumps and scrapes.

–Have 81 near misses on accidents.

–Break down 13 times and have 15 flat tires.

–Eat in the car 1,093 times.

–Spill a drink in the car 306 times.

–Cry in the car 82 times.

–Apply make-up or brush their hair 363 times.

–Argue in the car with their significant other 3,646 times.

–And finally, LISTEN TO THE RADIO 4,879 times, for a total of 376 days, 11 hours, and two minutes.  376 days, 11 hours, and two minutes VERY well spent.

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