Wolfe Radio Monster Truck Identity Crisis–UPDATE REAL DEAL on JACK FM in AMA

Posted in ksey by wolferadio11 on October 27, 2009


Wichita Falls residents can Bid farewell to the notorious 1230AM ESPN s

tation truck. The rig is now serving local parades, remotes, and sporting events in the Amarillo market.

We did keep it in the family however. You see, longtime oldies rock KPUR FM has recently made the format flip to country “The Armadillo”. KPUR is still Amarillo’s affilliate for The Real Deal show, but just with a Texas Country twist.

We’ll miss the old ESPN rig, but rumor is in a year or two she’s coming back to Wolfe Country as the station vehicle for 94.9 The Outlaw. Till then it’s the camoflauged Armadillo. And more good news is the repair bill on this pig will be sent to the Amarillo station for now as well. You wouldn’t believe what it costs to keep thus pile of shit on the road:). Countless transmissions, steering arms, universal joints, steering pumps, and other misc repairs are regular occurances.

But if you have any red on your neck whatsoever, it’s worth every penny.Truck tailgate

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  1. Buckle bunny said, on October 27, 2009 at 10:22 PM

    I used to pass by this truck everyday at Texas roadhouse.

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