The KSEY Chronicles Ch4: The Day the Music Died

Posted in ksey by wolferadio11 on October 21, 2009

selenaWe decided to go ahead and get all systems go before we announced it.   I rigged up a satellite dishes to capture the ESPN signal from ABC radio’s AMC-8 satellite, and another dish forTexas State Networks for UT and A&M games.  In effots to conserve capital, I bootlegged the old-school satellite dish that was ununsed out of the back yard of my house.  We picked it up (10 foot dish) in-tact with a boom truck, and eased it less than a mile down the street to the dealerhship.  Set the dish, and got an old TV satellite reciever hooked to a small TV to point to the  AMC-8 bird in space.  This took while, but we got finally got her set.  We ran cable to the soon to be stuido booth I was having constructed in the dealerships showroom floor, and tried the TV tuner again.  We had missle lock, green light!

I ordered a full stack of mics, boards, amps, all the studio gear it took to run a radio station amongst the existing internet radio station I already had running from the store.  I sat up here for ridiculous hours on end.  The install and troubleshooting  just got plain stupid.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but so damned determined to do it, I just kept going trial and error until I the wee hours of the morning.   Crawl into bed at 3AM, aploogize to Jeanette, but reitoriate that I was onto something that was going to be worthwhile.

It was on, it was streaming, dish working, feeds working, and 1230AM ESPN was alive and functional, but only on the internet stream.  The next day I called Mark and said, “someone’s got to tell Wichita Falls Tejano station what we’re doing, I’m ready to goto air.  He had already given them a heads up, but no date.  After further conversation, I offered to be the messenger, but man was I dreading it.

I walk up to the door of this place, and sit outside for a solid 5 min thinking, “what if they freak out, what if this doesnt go so well?”  I’m all alone, I don’t know these people, and I’ve been sent over to clear out this office and send everyone home.  Once I walked in and introduced myself, I was pleased to here the manager tell me that Mark had already called him and he was expecting me.  The manager was nice, but the DJ’s and a secretary were glaring in anger.   As I said, my espanola is rusty, but one must not to be fluent in any lingo to comprede being MF’ed.

I took the heat, that was part of the deal.  The station had been loosing mucho dinero for quite a while.  It broke Marks heart to make the move, but he was simply a buiness decision due to the spanish community wasn’t supporting the station with advertising dollars.  That day in early June 2007, Mark switched the transmitter from the audio stream coming out of KSEY Wichita Falls, to the stream running off and 1230AM ESPN Wolfe Radio was born.

There’s much more to this story if your interested, check back in a few days Ch5 will be posted

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