The KSEY Chronicles Ch1: For Sale

Posted in ksey by wolferadio11 on October 14, 2009


Somtimes I wonder what it is about this damn radio studio that is so entertaining to me?  It’s 10:00 on a Monday night, and I’m in the studio rough drafting some ideas.  Every since we started this ESPN radio station in Wichita Falls 2.5 years back, I always find myself in this studio messing with all the gizmo.  It’s a very peculiar setup.  If you read this far, you may be interested so I’ll keep on keeping on here. 

Ok, so about three years ago, this nice fella (Mark) calls me cold one afternoon.  Tells me he likes my Saturday radio show, and heard that I built I studio in the dealership to produce the Sat show from.  The show was called Top-Gear back then, it had been on Cumulus air for about a year, and I’d bid people’s used cars online ‘go figure’  Anyway, I said to Mark, yes indeed, I got tired of driving to Cumulus early Sat mornings, and figured if I did it from the store we could put the callers on hold with the stores phone system.  When Scotty Preston (co-host) and I were airing from Cumulus, it was a Texas Country music station (94.9 The Outlaw), so they only had one phone line coming in, and we were missing a slew of callers.  Once we added Amarillo to the mix, the problem escalated.

Anyway,   Mark is building me up on this phone call about my radio show (didn’t realize I was getting sold, but sure glad he did)  then asks me “wouldn’t it be cool if you ran a real radio station out of that studio” I answer “obviously, of course, but it’s financially out of reach, why what were you thinking”  He explained that he owns 1230AM Tejano Jalopeno out of Wichita Falls, and he would like to sell it.   I explained, me Espanol no muy bueno.  He said, then flip the format.  I said ‘to what?’ He said, why don’t you just run replays of the car show on a loop.  I said ‘hmmmmm’…..  And we’ll leave it at that until Chapter 2.  This story get’s fairly interesting for those that are interested in stories such as this (and this is a very frequent question from both listeners and customers, so I’m going to write this story out once and for all.  I’ll add another chapter every day or so.   JCFW

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