Red Bull Heir Charged In Ferrari Wreck

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The grandson of the co-creator of Red Bull has been arrested in Bangkok, Thailand and is accused of killing a policeman with his Ferrari.

Vorajuth Yoovidhaya is the 27-year-old grandson of the late Chaleo Yoovidhaya, who created Red Bull. According to the BBC, Vorayuth has been accused of running over a 47-year-old policeman with a new Ferrari FF and dragging him down the road before the officer succumbed to a broken neck and multiple broken bones.

The crime was alleged to have been initially covered-up by a low-ranking police superintendent. The superintendent reportedly tried to detain an innocent man for the crime before the Bangkok police chief, Comronwit Toopgranjank, discovered what was happening. That man has since been released and the low-level officer has now been transferred to another post.

Toopgranjank, who personally escorted the Red Bull heir from his Bangkok home was quoted as saying, “A policeman is dead. I can’t let this stand. I don’t care how powerful they are. If I can’t get the actual man in this case, I will resign.”

Yoovidhaya is set to be charged with “causing death by driving” and leaving the scene of a crime. He faces up to ten years in jail.

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