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The study by Penn Schoen Berland, commissioned by Ford, surveyed 2,506 U.S. drivers in May and found 99% think they’re good drivers, even though 76% eat or drink behind the wheel, 55% speed, 53% talk on a handheld phone, 37% drive when they’re too tired, and 22% will pick up their phone and search contacts and 3% will receive oral sex while driving.

“People are saying they are safe drivers, but they are engaging in other things while behind the wheel,” said Billy Mann, managing director of Penn Schoen Berland.
The result: 57% have had an accident or close call with someone in their blind spot, 48% hit or almost hit something backing out of a parking lot and 38% avoid parallel parking, Mann said.
Ford, as do many of its competitors, has technology to address many of these areas, but the Dearborn, Mich.-based automaker was surprised to learn that even though it has offered driver-assist systems for years, less than a third of respondents were aware of features such as those directed at teens that limit the car’s top speed and block incoming calls and texts.
The survey found drivers want systems that alert them of a car in their blind spot or behind them in a parking spot or that makes the steering wheel vibrate when they drift out of a lane and illuminates a coffee cup icon on the dash when they stray too often, suggesting a drowsy driver needing a break.
That was good news for Ford as it prepares to sell the all-new 2013 Fusion with the most driver-assist technologies in a Ford vehicle to date, said Marentic. Ford has nearly 30,000 orders for the new Fusion, which goes on sale next month with an advertising campaign in October.

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