Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media, Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on February 16, 2012

Modern advertising has conditioned us to associate a wide array of strange images with beer in a can. The Rocky Mountains, silver bullets, Clydesdale horses and blue ribbons all do their best to peddle cheap brew, but Chinese drinkers now have a new mascot for their favorite cold one. Hubei Jeep Brewery Corporation has turned out a new light beer featuring everyone’s favorite off road machine. The logo even features a Jeep silhouette, complete with the brand’s iconic/trademarked seven-slat grille. What does Jeep Beer taste like? Fresh mountain streams? Muddy hill sides? Licking a Chrysler interior? No one is saying for certain.
Hubei Jeep Brewery Corporation has completely adopted the Jeep brand as an emblem of rugged manliness, and the company even went so far as to giveaway a Jeep Compass to the highest-selling distributor. The winner managed to move 60,000 liters of suds to take home the prize. Don’t get us wrong. Beer and vehicles go together about as well as fenders and telephone poles, but we’re just curious enough about the notion of Jeep Beer to want a bottle or three. Besides, you can’t argue with a tag line like, “JUST FOR MAN.”

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