A doctor in your dashboard – Ford cars that monitor your vitals

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media, Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on January 26, 2012

The technology exists to build a car that will act as your own private nurse. The car will notice if you have low blood sugar and prompt you to eat a snack. The car will also check local pollen counts and roll up your windows when the pollen gets too high. At lunch time, the car is going to give you directions to the nearest restaurant that serves you a healthy lunch. This and much more is what Ford has in store for its consumers in the future, some of these applications of technology may be available in a year or two. Using a suite of new apps Ford announced Wednesday, starting up your car will supply you with your own personalized medical evaluation. Three medical technology firms are working with Ford to build web-connected apps for it Sync on board communications interface. Ford’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Mascarenas, said today that the technology to monitor these vitals won’t be available for another year. The Ford Company wants to focus on the consumers health in the up and coming cars of the future. While apps to monitor blood alcohol would be a tremendous safety tool, Ford executives have no plan on offering these apps in the cars, they are going in a more keeping healthy way instead of monitoring the laws apparently. The crashes reported by hypoglycemic patients because of their sugar levels going awry, may be a thing of the past with the new blood sugarmonitoring system. Of course alcohol indulgence also causes crashes, but this again is apparently not health related enough to add in with the other apps. Ford’s vision is to turn cars into tools that work for the consumer as life coaches and personal assistants. They liken this to the way Smartphone apps have transformed the cell phone. Ford does not have a target population in mind when developing this technology to use in their cars. They want to offer it to their frugal Fiesta drivers all the way through to the high end cars, such as the pricey Lincolns.


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