Chrysler’s Ram division is going to produce an edition of its 1500 pickup truck aimed at hunters

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The 2012 Ram 1500 “Mossy Oak” edition will come in an olive-drab camouflage. “Ram Truck owners are deeply involved with the outdoors and proudly participate in hunting and fishing,” said Fred Diaz, CEO of Ram Truck. “In recognition of the millions of American hunters, we’re launching the Ram Mossy Oak Edition.”

Ram 1500 owner demographics illustrate a love for the outdoors: 30% hunt, 44% fish, 27% are boaters and 42% are campers, Chrysler says.

The Mossy Oak Edition Ram 1500’s tailgate is covered in Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camouflage pattern and the Mossy Oak logo is prominently displayed on the rear quarter panels.

Inside, the center column of the Ram’s instrument panel is also in camouflage.

The Ram Mossy Oak Edition is available exclusively as a Ram 1500 4×4 Crew Cab model, and is based on the popular Ram Outdoorsman.

Also announced, Ram division is unveiling two more versions of its Ram Power Wagon.

The Power Wagon is a fabled vehicle, an off-shoot of military go-anywhere, all-terrain four-by-fours.

One is an off-road version called the ST and the other is a dressed-up version called the Laramie, shown above. All Power Wagons come with brutish 383-horsepower 5.7-liter V-8s.

What you’ll get:

-Power Wagon Laramie. For a truck known for being as tough as the Power Wagon, the Laramie gets a downright plush outfitting. There will be leather seats, premium audio and dual-zone air conditioning. On the outside, there are fender flares, chrome mirrors, bumpers and grille, and unique badging. Price: $51,995 plus $995 shipping.

-Power Wagon ST. The ST package is a no-frills affair aimed at mining and oil companies and others who need a powerful work truck. You’d better like black: The Ram Power Wagon ST features single-tone paint with a black grille, front/rear bumpers, fender flares and mirrors. Starting price: $42,620 plus $995 for shipping.

Chrysler calls it the “first mass-produced civilian 4×4 truck.”

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