The Higher the Price of Gas, the More People Lie About Mileage on Expense Reports

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media, Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on October 6, 2011

High gas prices don’t just make us poor . . . they also make us LIE. A workforce management company called Natural Insight looked at six months’ worth of expense report data, and found that employees overstate their mileage more when gas prices are higher. Most companies reimburse travel expenses on a fixed cost per mile, and only adjust it once a year.  That means that when gas prices go up, business travelers have to cover the increased cost of filling up. One way for business travelers to make up for that is to LIE . . . and claim that they drove more miles than they actually did.  And according to Natural Insight’s numbers, that’s exactly what they’re doing. But the thing is, business travelers ALWAYS overstate their mileage.  They just do it MORE when gas prices are high. Travelers over-reported their mileage by about 24% on average.  That dropped to 18% when gas prices were at their lowest, and went up to 33% when gas hit its peak price.


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