Most Green Cars Actually Don’t Save Enough in Gas Costs to Pay for Themselves . . . But Some Come Pretty Close

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If you bought a hybrid or electric car to help save the planet and look down your nose at your neighbors, you probably don’t care about the cost-benefit.  But some people wonder if green cars are worth it.  In other words, environmentally-friendly cars cost thousands more than similar gas-engine models . . . but supposedly you’ll make that up by saving on gas, and the car will pay for itself.  Well, Kiplinger did the math, and found that most green cars actually DON’T end up saving you all the extra money you spent . . . but some of them come pretty close.   The Chevy Volt costs about $18,000 more than its closest gas-engine comparison, the Cruze.  The Nissan Leaf costs about the same amount over the comparable Versa. On average, after five years of driving the Volt instead of the Cruze, you’ll save about $17,500 in ownership costs, which means it cost you a total of $500 more for the green model.  The Leaf will save you $17,200 over the Versa, meaning it cost you an extra $800. The Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid is the most cost-effective green car.  You actually save about $7,000 over five years compared to the gas-engine model.   At the other end of the spectrum is the Lexus LS600 hybrid.  It costs about $36,000 more than the gas-engine Lexus, and it doesn’t save you anything in ownership costs.  (–But if you’re looking to spend $110,000 on a car, does it even matter?)

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