40% of People Would Walk Out of a Dealership if They Didn’t Have a Car in the Right Color

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on August 30, 2011

Earlier this month, we told you about a survey which found that most people don’t consider car color an important reason in choosing what car to buy.  But apparently, in a lot of case, people DO think it’s important. According to a study commissioned by Ford, 40% of car buyers say they’d actually walk out of a dealership if it didn’t have the car in the color they wanted.

The survey also found . . .

Silver is still the most popular car color.  It’s followed by black, blue, red, white, green, gold, and orange.  And one in nine people has a color other than those listed.

People are more likely to choose an unconventional color . . . like orange . . . when they hit middle age.

Women are more likely than men to buy a red car, and men are more likely than women to buy a black car.

Single people and rich people are also more likely to buy black cars.

They didn’t find any connection between car color and theft rates.

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