A Guy Died When He Crashed His 1915 Ford Model T

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media, Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on August 6, 2011


And now, a news story that sounds like it’s from 95 years ago.  Last week, a man died when he crashed his car . . . a 1915 FORD MODEL T. 64-year-old Kenneth Meek of St. Clair, Missouri owned the vintage Model T.  He and his wife, 68-year-old Margaret Meek, have been driving around, participating in a multi-state tour for a Model T club. When Kenneth was driving near Rochester, Minnesota, a WHEEL FELL OFF the car.  He lost control, the car flipped over and rolled twice, and both Kenneth and Margaret were thrown onto the highway. Needless to say, the Model T didn’t have airbags.  It didn’t have seatbelts either . . . you’re allowed to drive without seatbelts as long as the car was manufactured before 1964.  It didn’t even have a roof. Kenneth died from the injuries he suffered in the crash.  Margaret was injured too, but her injuries weren’t critical.

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