Believe It Or Not, Texting While Driving is Twice as Dangerous as Drinking and Driving

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media, Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on June 28, 2011

The whole “texting while driving will kill you” message still hasn’t landed, so let’s throw out another INSANE statistic to see if this one sinks in. According to a study by Virginia Tech University, texting while driving increases your chance of having an accident by 23 TIMES. In comparison, drinking and driving increases your chance by 11 TIMES. Which isn’t to say you should choose drinking and driving over texting and driving . . . you should choose neither.  But for all the hype that drunk driving gets, texting and driving is more than TWICE as dangerous. So if you are dumb enought to drink and drive and you get pulled over by the cops tell’em “at least I wasn’t texting and driving!”

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