The Two Most Gas-Guzzling Cities in the U.S. are in North Carolina . . . and the Two Least Gas-Guzzling Cities are New York and L.A.?

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Looking at the cities where gas prices are the highest is old news. BORING. “Forbes” took a slightly different angle, and ranked U.S. cities by how much they pay AND how many miles they drive, to calculate the most gas-guzzling cities. So even though gas prices are out-of-control in New York and Los Angeles . . . they actually finished as the LEAST gas-guzzling cities in the U.S. New York scored best because so many people take public transportation. L.A. came in second because, even with the traffic, people tend not to commute huge distances. Cities and suburbs that are more spread out came out on the other end. North Carolina had the two highest gas-guzzling cities . . . the Raleigh-Durham area came in first, and Charlotte came in second. In Raleigh-Durham, the average household drives 21,800 miles per year, which factors out to about $4,200 in gas. In comparison, the average household in New York drives 9,800 miles per year, for a cost of $1,920.
Here are the top ten most and least gas-guzzling cities.
The top 10 gas-guzzling cities are: the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina . . . Charlotte, North Carolina . . . Atlanta, Georgia . . . Nashville, Tennessee . . . Monmouth, New Jersey . . . the Greensboro-Winston and Salem-High Point area of North Carolina . . .The Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon area of New Jersey . . . Jacksonville, Florida . . . Washington, D.C. and its suburbs . . . and the Riverside-San Bernardino area of California.

The top 10 least gas-guzzling cities are: New York . . . Los Angeles and Long Beach, California . . . Miami, Florida . . . Bergen-Passaic, New Jersey . . . San Francisco, California . . . Fort Lauderdale, Florida . . . New Orleans, Louisiana . . .The Buffalo-Niagara Falls area of New York . . . Orange County, California . . . and San Jose, California.

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