Our Top 11 Presidents’ Day Sale Slogans

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on February 19, 2011

11. Not even with George Washington’s wooden teeth could you chew more dollars offa these prices!

10. If the great, wise Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he’d write our customers a Declaration of Independence to buy a car!

9. We’ll always remember James Madison, who thought the Louisiana Purchase was a great value–but that’s ‘cause he’d never seen this many nearly-new, certified pre-owned vehicles.

8. Just like Martin Van Buren oversaw the “Trail of Tears,” we encourage our Native American friends to walk our Trail of Low Prices!

7. If President Cleveland had known about our deals on American muscle cars, he’d have changed his name to Grover Detroit!

6. Stop the invasion! ‘Cause Theodore Roosevelt could save enough money to BUY South America if he bought a used diesel truck during our Rough Riders sale!

5. Unlike President Herbert Hoover, our finance department does NOT suck.

4. We’re gonna drop a Harry S. Truman-styled atom bomb of red-tag prices, killing millions of dollars worth of down payments on your next car deal.

3. Just like George W. Bush, you’ll save enough money to invade a Middle Eastern country for no good damned reason at all!

2. This President’s Day, we’ll give a “Holla” to President Barrack Obama. We’ve spent trillions to save you $999.95 on your purchase price!

1. Have we ever had so many great cars at such low, low prices? Just like President Ronald Reagan–we don’t remember!

And with that, hope y’all have a happy Presidents Day–now go out and buy a car!

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