A New Study Finds Talking On Your Cell Phone Makes You a Safer Driver

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on January 14, 2011

Ever since everyone got cell phones, we’ve heard how dangerous it is to use them in cars. Every study, survey, report, statistic, analysis, number crunch, and “Oprah” episode has found that using a cell phone horribly distracts you.
UNTIL NOW. A new study from economists at the University of Chicago and the London School of Economics has found that driving while talking on your cell phone actually makes you SAFER… Seriously!
Now . . . before we get into this, obviously, it flies in the face of every other study, so please, take this for what it’s worth and always be safe. On to the study . . .
The researchers gathered data on people making calls in cars, by analyzing cell phone calls that kept switching cell phone towers . . . showing that the person making the call was on the move.
Then, they compared that data to car accident data in the area.
They couldn’t find any significant connection between cell phone calls and a rise in car accidents. If anything, they found that times and areas that had a lot of calls actually had a small dip in the number of crashes. This was true across all states.
So . . . how the HELL can this be true? Their best theory is that all the hype about the danger of cell phones in cars has sunk in . . . so when people are using a phone, they make sure to stay EXTRA focused and aware of the road.

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