A New Traffic Camera Enters People Into a Lottery . . . and the Winner Gets Paid Using Fines from the People Who Speed

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on December 9, 2010

Here’s an idea for getting people to drive safely that someone should’ve thought of a long time ago. Instead of just punishing people who drive like idiots . . . how about rewarding people who don’t?
Kevin Richardson of San Francisco came up with a way to do just that, and submitted his idea to a contest run by Volkswagen looking for, quote, “fun theories” to make society better.
In Kevin’s plan, they’d set up a traffic camera, and if you speed past it, it records your plate and you get a ticket. If you pass it going the speed limit, it ALSO records your plate . . . to enter you in a lottery. And the lottery prize would come from the tickets given to the people who speed.
Volkswagen’s advertising firm tested it out in Stockholm, Sweden . . . and they found that in just three days, the average speed on the street dropped from about 20 miles-per-hour to about 15.5 miles-per-hour. That’s about 22%.
And that drop happened even though they didn’t have the power to give people tickets, just rewards.
So far, no cities have come to Kevin looking to implement the lottery camera system. But he won $3,300 and a trip to Sweden with his family for submitting the winning idea.

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