Which States Have The Highest Odds Of Hitting A Deer?

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on October 6, 2010

State Farm just released the odds of driving into a DEER in every state in the country. The good news:  If you’re driving through Hawaii, it’s not gonna happen.  The bad news:  If you’re driving through West Virginia, there’s a shockingly high chance it might. West Virginia has the worst deer collision odds in the country:  Drivers there have a one-in-42 chance of hitting a deer.  One in FORTY-TWO.  In comparison, Hawaii has the best odds, at one in 13,011. Iowa has the second-worst odds, at one in 67.  Michigan is third, at one in 70.  South Dakota is fourth, at one in 76.  And Montana is fifth, at one in 85. Most of the low-risk states are in the west, where deer are much less common.  After Hawaii, Arizona has the second-lowest odds, at one in 1,788. Nevada has the third-lowest odds, at one in 1,488.  California has the fourth-lowest, at one in 1,046.  And Florida has the fifth-lowest, at one in 971. Overall, across the entire country, the average odds you’ll get in your car and hit a deer this fall are about one in 183. The average cost when a car hits a deer is $3,013….And one very lonely Bambi.

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