Driving Slowly And Carefully In A Traffic Jam Makes Things Worse

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on September 22, 2010

Okay, before you start reading this, we’re going to offer up a quick disclaimer: We’re NOT telling you to start driving like a lunatic, or do crazy things in your car that put you, your passengers, or other drivers in danger.
We’re just saying that sometimes, you need to stop driving like your GRANDMA.
A new study out of Georgia Tech has found that people who drive really slowly, carefully, and timidly during a traffic jam actually make things WORSE. But obviously, drivers who are super-aggressive in traffic jams ALSO cause problems. So the best thing you can do in a traffic jam is to keep driving like normal: Go a normal speed, follow cars at a normal distance, and change lanes just like you normally would.
The study found that when people are ultra-aggressive, they do sudden moves that make everyone behind them slow down. And when people are too timid, they aren’t just going slow themselves . . . they’re slowing down everyone behind them too.
The researchers say that if everyone just acted normally and calmly in a traffic jam . . . and stopped trying to switch to find the “perfect” lane . . . then traffic would get back to normal much quicker than it does now. So the moral to this story is to USE COMMON SENSE!

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