Bentley Is Doing A Recall Because Their Fancy Hood Ornaments Could Kill Someone

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on September 22, 2010

If you’re dropping the coin to get a freakin’ Bentley, you want it to have that classic Bentley hood ornament . . . the one that looks like a flying “B” with wings . . . the hood ornament that makes the poor, jealous masses stop and stare. Unfortunately, it turns out that hood ornament might actually KILL THEM.
Bentley just issued a recall for about 600 vehicles in the U.S. because their hood ornaments were SO well assembled, they could actually injure or kill a pedestrian in a crash.
In most of their models, the hood ornaments are designed to retract into the hood on impact . . . so if the car hits a person, the ornament doesn’t IMPALE them. But on certain models . . . the Arnage, Azure and Brooklands from 2007 to 2009 . . . the ornaments don’t retract. Bentley says there haven’t been any injuries because of the hood ornaments yet, so this is a preemptive strike. There’s no word on how much the recall is going to cost them.

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