14 Cars Mechanics Hate . . . Because They Never Need Repairs

Posted in Pictures, Video, Commercials, Media by wolferadio11 on September 20, 2010 had their mechanics come up with a list of cars they HATE . . . because they never break down. And even when they DO break down, it doesn’t cost much to get them fixed.

The TOYOTA CAMRY used to be THE most-reliable car on the road, but other cars have caught up. It’s still one of the best though, and COROLLAS are about the same.
Mechanics also hate the HONDA CIVIC and the HONDA ACCORD, because they last forever, and any problems are usually easy to diagnose and fix. And NISSAN ALTIMAS usually don’t have major problems until around 150,000 miles.

The TOYOTA PRIUS is just as cheap to fix as any other Toyota, except for the hybrid components.
But most mechanics don’t make ANY money on the Prius . . . because right now, the only place you can get the hybrid parts fixed is at a registered Toyota dealer.
And overall, according to, two of the only American models that come close to the Japanese when it comes to reliability are the FORD FUSION and the FORD FUSION HYBRID.

Minivans are less reliable in general, because they’re bigger and have more parts that can break. But mechanics say the TOYOTA SIENNA and the HONDA ODYSSEY are the cheapest and easiest minivans to maintain.

They’re usually expensive to fix and maintain because they have extra drivetrain components. But when it comes to SUV’S, mechanics make the LEAST amount of money on the HONDA CR-V and the HONDA ELEMENT.
And for all-wheel-drive cars, they make the least amount on SUBARU IMPREZAS and SUBARU FORESTERS.

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