Autotuning the News…

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on September 16, 2010

     In recent months, a new phenomenon has grabbed our attention–it’s Autotune the News, where these geniuses take actual news footage, apply a T-Pain-style “autotuner” device to the spoken word, and presto! They take an already attention-getting “slice of life” news story and turn it into one damned catchy little number. Our first experience with this ingenius new invention came in the guise of a Lennonesque, “Day in the Life” sort of clip encompassing one day’s events this past February (we still don’t know what a turtle fence is, so feel free to speculate):

     In the space of a few months, many stories emerged and were autotuned, but it wasn’t until August that Antoine and his story of the Lincol Park Rapist that Autotune the News turned into an instant nationwide sensation (and a top-downloaded iTunes selection).

     And the hits apparently keep on coming. When a convenience store robbery went Autotuned, it spawned one of the catchiest little pieces of (almost)music we’ve heard in quite some time; back up and give it a listen:

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