Interesting Show Last weekend…

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on March 7, 2010

I get on the air for 5 hours on Saturday mornings.  That’s a long time to talk about cars btw.., but this past Sat, was a weird Saturday.  This upcoming July will be the 4 year anniversary of our little car show, and I’ve noticed trends over the past few years of doing this.   One trend is the callers are in line with the moon and tides somehow.  It’s like a deer in the rut.  Some days the phones just blow off the wall, and some days it’s real mushy/muddy. 

Last weeks show started out at 7:00AM with a computer failure in the middle of playing the first commercial break…so we had to run the commericals twice in a row, 7:15, our first caller rang in asking me ‘if he could ruin his engine with too much oil”  I laughed at him, gave him some grief, and he took the Lords name in vain at 7:15AM on 97.1.  So we’re 15 min into the 5 hour show, and have two major snafu’s on our plate, right out of the gate.

Too much to right, but it was just a continued comedy of errors throughout the next five hour run.  The call service we hired to try and properly handle incoming calls didn’t work worth a darn, so we’re going to take that task back in house this weekend.  When you’re doing something that’s never been really done before, it takes much trial and error.  Every week we learn more and more on how to utilize the technolgy that we have to interface the dealer affilliates with the callers and visa versa, while producing and distributing an entertaining show to listeners via multiple station affilliates (at the same time).  Houston and Austin have really picked up past few weeks.  I really enjoyed having Tom Green on the show last week, but the next time we do that (Sinbad this week) I think we should put it around 7:30-7:45A, because that 8:30 slot is too caller heavy to stop in the middle to have a 15 min interview with a comedian.  I’ll let you know what time Sinbad will be on Saturday morning, but I can guarantee it will either be in the 7oclock hour or 5 min tops in the 8 oclock hour.  Turley should be posting some highlight clips right here early in the week.  There were some FUNNY FUNNY calls last Saturday.  I’m telling you, it must have been a full moon the night before or something.


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