Tattoo’s and H2’s go hand in hand

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on February 28, 2010

I caused a little excitement during the syndicated show Saturday by making the claim “I’ll bet 70% of Hummer H-2 drivers have a Tattoo on their body somewhere”

We had callers, and emails from both sides of the Hummer ownership faction, and our producer, Mike Turley, found a very interesting pattern.  Out of the 40ish emails and 4 phone calls we recieved from Hummer owners, 72% of the contacts had some sort of body art, and 28% did not.  Even more ironic note was out of that 28% of non-tat folk, their communication seems as if they were ‘insulted’ or ‘shocked’ that I would make such a suggestion that Hummer drivers and Tattoo’s go hand in hand.

Here’s a quick poll to count you opinion on this (not) hot topic.  (These Hummer folk are all riled up like a gay rights activist at a Judas Preist show, bc the news just broke that the Hummer brand is being wound down to extinction)

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