Adam Carolla CarCast tips off Top Gear USA might yet live on History Channel

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on February 16, 2010

by Jeremy Korzeniewski (RSS feed) on Feb 15th 2010 at 11:27AM (source autoblog)

Big news comes by way of Adam Carolla’s CarCast today as it now appears that Top Gear USA is back on track. Instead of appearing on NBC, though, the show will apparently move to The History Channel. Exciting news indeed, especially for Carolla, who is apparently the only one of the three original cast members who was informed of the decision – what that means for the other two hosts remains to be seen.

We don’t have any details on when Top Gear USA will finally hit the airwaves, but we’ll be keeping an ear to the ground and an itchy trigger finger on our DVRs as soon as we know anything more. Want to hear the news straight from the source? Click here to listen to Adam Carolla’s CarCast.

We highly recommend that you enjoy the entire episode – after all, what could possibly be better than a road trip to obtain a freshly restored Lamborghini Miura? – but the Top Gear talk starts at 12:30 if that’s all you car about. Beware of some NSFW language. Hat tip to Jason!

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