Don’t quit your day job…

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on February 7, 2010

To answer a repeating email I get from listeners “John, why don’t you talk about your Ford dealership on the air, or play any Wolfe Ford Dodge commercials like you used to”  The answer is simple….I sold my store to my partners.  I resigned from the CEO post early last Nov, and sold my interest to the managers.  It became a conflict of interest if you will.  My desire was to grow the radio concept, but the conflict comes that in doing so, I am marketing for other car dealers.  When we got on the air in Dallas last summer, Wolfe Ford and Wolfe Dodge was the Ford and DCJ brand for the dealer affilliates.  It quickly became obvious that Vernon, Tx was too far to get DFW listeners to connect to.  We needed a Ford and Dodge affilliate for the DFW metroplex, so when I added Classic Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Grand Prairie Ford that created tension.  My staff felt like I ‘sold out’, and in their defense, I can see their point.  170 miles was just too far to build a bridge.  I was getting up at 5AM Monday morning, driving to Vernon for half the week, then coming home to a house full of kids that missed their dad.  Vernon is not a ‘cool’ place to live by any stretch of the imagination, and the wife was not interested in any conversations whatsoever about moving back to V town.   The good news for the main managers in Vernon, is they are now owners, and I wish them the best of luck.  I’m working full time on growing this radio/web business.  Working with people like Greg Williams, Richard Hunter, and others launching a radio syndication company based out of Fort Worth, trying to attend at least one auction a week to stay current on the market, and finishing what I started on the Real Deal radio show.  I love the new car business, it’s what I know.  I miss it every day, but in the same breath don’t miss the daily grind that goes along with it.  I’m still in it from the viewpoint of my dealer affilliates.  I find myself doing much of the same things with the affilliates that I did as a dealer, but not responsible for all the employees 🙂 

Anway, for those of you that wrote me inquiring ‘hey,what’s the deal’…that’s the deal.  I decided it was better to be happily married in Fort Worth and doing my radio business, than be road worn every weekend trying to keep everyone happy 170 miles away.  I’ll get another store someday, but def closer to home. 


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