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Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on February 7, 2010

I looked up this sunday eve, and realized I’ve been so preoccupied with work, I forgot to update this thing, so here goes.

Febuary is in the house, and it’s all systems go.  I’ve been working like a madman getting this car show, and all that goes along with it, built out to the vision I had for it years ago.  The old addage, ‘watch what you wish for’ is accurate.  It’s all coming to fruition.  I cannot say enough for the staff at for taking on the project of creating an online plug in and listener routing system so the show will function in multi market form.  Technology today is unreal.  Literally, if you can dream it up, it can be done…but damn it’s expensive 🙂

What we did was develop a website at that will immediatly get the listener connected with their local Real Deal Dealer affilliate to get the car deal executed.  Wholesale or retail.   When you are creating web, radio, and phone tech that has never been used in this form, it gets complicated. 

During last Saturdays show, we did all five hours from our new private studio.  Ran our first show in Dallas on 97.1 The Eagle, then at 8:59:50 jumped markets to Houston, wichita falls,  and Austin for three more hours.  This gets tricky because when you’re running in a synidicated format you are managing multiple connections to different stations, and the breaks in each market are all different.  During the week, we prerecord a few segments to fire at the correct time in differnt markets.  I call them ‘localizers’.  The guys in Houston don’t give a damn about Dallas, Austin doesnt care about Houston, and Dallas doesnt care about either.  So you have to outsmart the system, and insert ‘localizers’ to keep the show having a local feel, while taking hundreds of callers in different markets.  Then getting those callers routed to the my dealer affilliate in that callers market to consumate the deal I made with the caller.  I’m getting confused just blogging about it.

All geek tech stuff aside, it works. We hit some snags in the telephony customer routing, but the foundation is correct, and will tweak it some more this week.  This is a very exciting time for me, becuase I can see the light….Finally.  I’ve been working on this idea on a yellow legal pad for literally 15 years.  I remember back in College writing a very similar flow chart of customer routing to what just became reality, years later,  in 2010.  We’re tying typical media (radio/TV) and integrating it with phone centers and heavy web technology for the auto business.  Not to mention that it’s an absolute blast to get on the air across some of the largest markets in the US every saturday morning, and most importantly matching the listeners with the dealer affilliates on a real time basis.  

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been upto.  I’ll get back to blogging more frequently when I get all the wrinkles ironed out of this new system.  As always, Thanks for listening.


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