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The Eagle Has Landed:  Real Deal Show in Dallas-Fort Worth has moved stations.  This Saturday morning, we will be on 97.1 FM The Eagle from 7-9AM.   One more time, we WILL NOT be on 105.3 ‘The Fan’ at all.  Because of you, our listeners, helped us get high enough Arbitron ratings to make the move to 97.1 KEGL.  I cannot tell you how happy I am about this move.  It is a BIG DEAL for a top ten music station in the 4th largest media market in the country to “break format”.  Meaning stop the music for two hours for our show, and they did it, because of your support.  I can’t thank you enough for supporting the show as you have.

New call in number:  I found a very easy to remember phone number for my listeners to call in for live on air bids every Saturday.  1-800-800-RADIO. That’s it. Say  800 800 RADIO to yourself 3 times, and you’ll never forget it.

The Show Must Go on (extended hours and syndication):  We are now continuing the Saturday morning show from 9-NOON every Saturday. 

Real Deal Dallas: 7-9AM 97.1 FM The Eagle Dallas-Fort Worth


Real Deal Houston: 9-12AM can now be heard in Houston on 97.5FM ESPN


Real Deal Austin:  9-12AM can now be heard in Austin on 98.9FM ‘The Big Talker’

Real Deal Online: 7AM-Noon all five hours at access stream by clicking ‘listen live’  Whatever city you live in, you can catch the show and get an on the air bid during any of the 5 hour show starting in this Saturday morning by calling  800 800 RADIO

New Website:  Autojockey web services has build us a state of the art web platform to meet the demand of show listeners.   Now when you visit the system will match your ZIP code to the Real Deal Affilliate nearest you.  We will not only match you with an affiliate to sell your car to.  This new system is helping our listeners with special ‘Real Deal Pricing’ on their new purchase.  I have negociated special pricing with our Dealer Affilliates just for Real Deal listeners.  Click TRADE IT IN at and you will get both a (cash or trade) price on your vehicle, but also a price quote on a new or used one.  Thank you Autojockey, you guys did a WONDERFUL job turning this vision into a reality!

New Studio:  We’ve been building a new private studio for the show since last Decemebr, and IT’S FINALLY FINISHED (damn near)!   I will be broadcasting, and taking your calls in the morning from the Real Deal Studio.  Also, we have brought on Michael Turley (of The Richard Hunter Show) to be our in house producer, installed a huge phone bank and control room to handle all of your calls (no more busy phone line), and all new equipment to be able to produce the best show possible. (photos of new studio can be seen on the BLOG at for those interested)

Newsletter: I will be sending out a weekly newsletter to stay to keep listeners up to date on Show and Industry  news.

Thanks for listening, and remember to catch us in Dallas (97.1), Houston (97.5), Austin, (98.9), Wichita Falls (1230AM), and online at in the morning.  Tune in early for a very special guest on this Saturday’s program.


John Clay Wolfe

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