The Safe Word of the day is: OKLAHOMA

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on January 24, 2010

For those of you that rode out the 9-12 hours with us last Saturday in Houston, Austin, or streaming.  You may have heard the word ‘Oklahoma’ thrown out there a few times in odd places.  Here’s the scoop on that.  CBS’s Dallas switched the 105.3 The Fan studio Friday night.  So we were the first show in the new house of the fan.  Cool, yes, but my next show 9-12 was to be produced from the same studio, right?  Wrong,

Remind you, today was our first day in the 6th largest media market in the US, Houston, Tx ESPN 97.5.  No sweat, but still a damn big deal.  We goto air in Houston at 9:04, live, uncut.  Here’s a hot microphone John, talk to Houston and Austin, good luck.

So at 8:56, Dallas wraps, I am told.  WE NEED TO MOVE STUDIOS RIGHT NOW, I’m thinking WAiT, I thought we were staying in here until 11, then making the transfer.  Answer ‘nope, right now’.  I reply, but isn’t there a phone issue in Studio B.  Answer: Yes, there is are no phones at all, and John I couldn’t your computer to connect to the internet in there either.

OK, so I get quiet, it’s 8:57, I say…nicely…can I use a differen’t computer then?   A:  No, nothing in there works, but we did get yall two mics set up, have a great show!

So I threw a mild shit fit, not  big one, bc a big one would have have probably gotten me arrested, but that’s how mad I was.  Actually still am right now, but it’s all good.  So I quickly call ESPN Houston, said ‘don’t ask me any questions, just listen close we’re out of time.  WhAt is your studio call in line….he tells me….and I also add, if you don’t have a call screener, then get one because I’m transfering the 800 800 RADIO number to you right now, you’re running phones, we’re live in 3 min.  Good luck.  So he got it handled, the listeners couldn’t tell a differnce, but I was taking these calls from Houston blind as a bat.  I had no name, brand, city, miles, nothing.  After a few segments go by, I tell the board op over the off air ISDN feed “we need a code word for you, incase you are out of callers on your end.  He said, what do you mean John?  I said, I don’t want to ask you to bring up the next caller, and there’s no one there, then that will blow our cover.  He said ‘oh, gotcha!….so what’s the word?  I replied, “Whenever you run out of callers, and I need to give the number out again to stir them back up, you say…


Just like they did in that episode of Jackass.  Oklahoma it was, and Oklahoma it is.  And now you know, the rest of the story.  Good day!

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