Car Colors: Industry Slang….Loozer Blue :(

Posted in Car Dealer VernacularY (glossary of terms) by wolferadio11 on January 24, 2010

I wish that I had some example color swatchs, to get you a visual on this discussion.  Multiple listeners of the Saturday show  email me inquiring about just what in the hey am I talking about when I call a car ‘Loser Blue’, and requesting a clearer definition of exactly what ‘Loser Blue’ means.  Here is a quick post on loser blue, plus a couple colors worthy of honorable mention.

Loser Blue: DARK or  Navy Blue=loser blue.  May look good on your Izod shirt, but not worth a damn on your Mercedes.  Loser blue is not, baby blue.  Baby blue is baby blue, but commonly refered to in a phone description from one dealer to another something like “no, it’s not loser blue, it’s baby blue…like light blue”  Then the potencial buyer goes ahead and takes a swing at selling dealer with something like “Yea, so it’s baby loser blue, even worse…how much for that loser blue pile o s*it?  Loser blue is good on some models.  Loser blue, baby blue, and slate blue all look good on most trucks or SUV’s with a two tone Peublo gold (tan) or silver two tone accent on bottom trim.  Looser blue can be attractive on full size trucks in solid colors, but will bring more $$ in a two tone config.  You may think…what about Ferrarri’s or even VETTE’s, where there is a limted blue factory run, and the odd color will cause the car to bring more?  Answer to that question:  You’re wrong.  There are a few examples of such, but not many, not enough to talk about.

B5 blue is the most desired color in a Dodge Challenger, BMW had a good run with a Blue 007 Z3 Roadster they marketed in conjuction with Neiman Marcus.  Yes, there are the exemptions, but If I called Ferarri of Beverly Hills on a dark blue Ferrari anything, I nearly guarantee the used car manager would say ‘damn, it’s loser blue, call me on a Red or Yellow car..I’m going to cut this bastard blue car back in price…are you sitting down?”

Cheap and midline cars don’t feel the loser blue effect as much in their wholesale value on the second hand market.  But if you take two 07 Camry’s, both same miles, both same sticker price, both same equipment.  Run the Amana or (fridge) white car with tan interior, immediatly after the loser blue car sells on the dealer auction block….The white car will bring around a thousand more than the loser.

Luxury CARS are most receptive to the loser blue epidemic.  Caddy’s, Lincolns, Benz, BMW’s, Lex, etc.  The ironic thing is on many luxury MSRP’s you’ll see a increase in price for ‘metallic blue clear coat’.  My ass, that should be illigal.  Instead of charging more, they should make you sign a disclaimer that you know that you are buying a loser blue car, and that it is not worth as much as the white or black one’s on either side of it.

It’s important to recall, this doesn’t apply on trucks and SUV’s for the most part, and it’s not nearly as harsh on new product as pre-owned, but it exists larger than life.  Consider yourself warned.

But Aggie Maroon does have a curious effect to auto’s that does not discriminate between the lines.  We’ll cover Sooner or Aggie red on the next entry.  Good day


source: Wiley Kent Montgomery

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