Real Deal: The Eagle Has Landed

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on January 15, 2010

Friday January 15, 2010

John Wolfe surprised all of us at the office today with an incredible strategic move for the Real Deal Show.  The last Real Deal show will air on CBS 105.3 The Fan Saturday Jan 30th.  Why you ask?  I’ll tell you why…because I, George Aron Wahabaugh, am such an incredible co host, that they are using John to get closer to me.

So here’s the ‘annoucement’  Effective Feb 2010 Real Deal Dallas will be on same time, but not same place.  It seems that Clear Channel and Wolfe have made a deal.  As John Clay put it to me earlier today, “DUDE, we’re going to be on the M Fing EAGLE ..Shake n Bake” (knuckles)

So it’s offical, and now you know.  Wolfe is going to be on the Eagle beginning this Febuary, 7-9AM Saturday Morning.  But wait, it get’s better.  (we knew John Clay had been closing his office door quite often the past few weeks, and not letting us in on the scoobie, but here is the Real Deal)

Beginning next Saturday, Wolfe’s show will air in Houston Texas on Cumulus’s 97.5FM ESPN and Austin’s freshly flipped  “Big Talker 98.9” from 9-Noon.  For Dallas listeners, you will be able to catch all five hours of the show First two hours on KEGL and next 3 hours on the stream at .  He will continue to  be field Dallas callers during the 9-12 show, so don’t be shy about calling in 888 41 REAL DEAL.

I’ll be reporting more on this topic later, when I talk more with John, but thought this information needed to be posted.  Also, I know that the website is set to ‘flip’ Sunday night with an entire new process, customer flow, and looping show stream throughout the week.  There is also talk of a mid week show on Wed evenings coming into play in the near future.  And you know me, I can’ t get enough of this stuff, so I will be right there with the Wolfeman taking most of the credit, and enjoying the ride.  Peace out


ESPN 97.5

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