Cheese Alert!: Wash needs a new ride

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on January 4, 2010

We discussed this on the show Saturday morning.  Wash (Aron Washabaugh) is part of the Real Deal show.  He told me last week he wants a used Vette.  The man is 37 years old, single, no children, mortgage broker by trade, good income, rents a house, and wants a Vette.   I told him NO.  No Vette for you.  If you were 25 or 55 then ok, but you’re at an odd age in my opinion for a Corvette.  Saturday on air, I told the listeners what Wash wanted….sporty, fast, $35,000, good resale, chick magnet.   All things to consider when purchasing a vehicle.  Here’s a small sample what the listners texted in.

 He’s 37, single, and he wants something sporty? Put him in a Pontiac Solstice or a Saturn Sky. Goldenboy!

Wash you need to come get a Ferrari from me! Charlie or shane have my number

Get a beamer! 328i or a 5 series. Great cars truly the ultimate driving machine. U can always upgrade and get an Alpina. BMW for sure, sexy, smooth and quick!

Wash needs a herbie the love bug replica!


Tell the 37 Year old gay guy to get a pink caddy!

BMW m5 or m6

No Vette for him, sounds like a Porsche man to me, 911 twin

get wash a cheesy, yellow 87 z28 with T tops like he had back at SouthWest highschool. 

Wash used to drive a red camaro 6 cyl stick shift loaded up with booze in the back. 

Tell him to get a CTS sport package at Sewell

Ride the bus with the rest of the alcoholics

If you want to earn Wash’s business, his email is

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