The Show Must Go On

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on December 29, 2009

UPDATE Jan 15 2010.  The 4-6 Show is on ice until March first.   We ran for two weeks, got a good feel for it, realized that both of us needed to tie up some loose ends before being able to make that big of a daily commitment to our listeners.  Plus, we realized we need a 3rd wheel, so we’re having a contest.  visit for contest instructions.  See you soon. 

Watch what you wish for.  I said I wanted to do weekday radio again, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t just make another personal commitment between 4 & 6 PM weekdays.  The Show with John Clay (me) and Greggo (Greg Williams) is in orbit all the sudden.   We were going to keep it on the QT while working out the bugs, but those hacks at the Dallas Observer broke wind of it, and now all hells broken loose.  Phones ringing, emails buzzing, WHEN WHERE HOW and the infamous “WHERE’s Greggo” BS has been flyign left and right.   GREGGO is here, right here, in this office reading comic strips in the Dallas Morning News (see above).  That old bastard from People’s Court is onsight as baliff, (Dough Lewellyn may drop in for commentary as well) so greggo aint leaving.  He’sgot an ankle bracelet on him (told him it was a PPM monitor and to keep his radio tuned to us for ratings…he fell for it).

None the less, we’ll be on in a town near you on air soon enough, but for now….listen right here on the stream.  When we wrap, I’ll run the replay in a loop until the next day.



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