POS Resurgance: Suzuki Samurai pricing higher today than when new!

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Summer job 1991, fresh out of high school, I take a salesman gig at Hillard Auto Park (Ford) in Fort Worth Tx.  Checked into ‘Hillard Trainning’ 2 week school with their fresh class of recruits to hit the sales floor.  During this training course, the class of 15 slowly reduced itself with dropouts to 8.  I hung around till the bitter end, as did classmate Chris Cagle (country star). 

Some things I vividly recall during this summer of 1991 was A) Chris Cagle couldn’t sign worth a damn back then B) Dealerships back then train salesstaff to lie C)  Suzuki’s were a joke.

Hillard had recently brought on the Suzuki Franchise as an add-on to it’s Ford showroom., and what a pile of dung they were.  If you thought Ford Festiva’s were cheap, you should have test drove a new Suzuki Swift for under $5,000 MSRP.  All that aside, this post is about   Samurai’s are on the brain this morning.  Here is pricing new/used on the little sword fighters.





JL soft-top

Kelley Blue Book Price $950 – $1,050 $950 – $1,050 $1,050 – $1,125
Original Retail Price (MSRP) $5,999 $6,999 $8,299

It’s stuff like this that keeps a guy like me in business.  So KBB shows used value of a grand, back in 1991 I distinctivley recall selling a new one for under 5 bills.  Then a friend of mine, last week, gives 6 grand for a 1988 Sam as a hunting rig.  I said HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVERYLOVING MIND MAN?  YOU COULD HAVE BOUGHT A NEW POLARIS RANGER IN THAT PRICE RANGE!!  His reply still didn’t suit me, but he attests that the Sportsman world claims the Suzuki Sam to be the Hemi Cuda of the hunting world?  I call 500% bullshit, I don’t care what anyone or any article says, but that’s just me. 

Here is a recent craigs list ad on a Sam.  Unless they put an LT1 Vette block in the little POS (pile o shit), it couldn’t turn those 33’s out of a mud hole to save it’s life.

Date: 2009-12-23, 11:31AM CST
Reply to:


1986 Suzuki Samurai Hunting/Muddin Vehicle

Tubed Front End, Front Wheel Spacers, 2 KC Lights as Head Lights

33″ Super Swamper LTBS, 1 Extra 33″ Super Swamper LTB New Never Mounted

Lock Rite Lockers Front/Rear, 6.5 to 1 Trail Gear Transfer Case Gears

Spring Over Axle Lift, ProComp Shocks, Snorkeled in the Cab

Radio, Speakers, Lights All Work

Contact Kevin Via Email or 901.481.7259

Here are a few more Suzuki’s for sale.  My advice would be take the 4 wheeler for 3 g’s over the Sam for 5 every day of the week.   They were throw away cars when they were new for crying out loud.

suzuki blue 1987

always garaged, custom wheels, ice cold a/c, looks & runs great, new paint, new tires, non-smoker, well maintained, new battery, new top, interior is in perfect shape, car is like new, must see.
autotrader – 2009/12/15

Suzuki, gasoline, 3000 mi, 1988 - Tampa 33604
Tampa 33604

suzuki 1988 3000 mi gasoline

…this is the cheapest muddin truck in us !!!1988 suzuki samurai off road, mudding truck. 5 speed manual transmission. 4 …inspected by ase certified mechanics before we offer them for sale. our prices are true prices. no gimmicks no hidden …
autotrader – 2009/12/06


A link to comparison forum of the CJ vs the Sam 

Jeep CJ vs. Suzuki Samurai –

  Jeep CJ vs. Suzuki Samurai – 
Happy off roading 🙂 JCFW

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