Breaking News: Tiger to buy Saab from GM to save his wife’s homeland

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on December 22, 2009

In a last ditch effort to win the love back of his Swedish bride.  Tiger has indeed made a tender offer to the trustee’s of GM’s Saab line.  Tiger rationalized the takeover with “my kids might not be the golfers that I am, so having this company to operate will give them some structure in their life.  Not to mention that Saab has both Swedish and American operations, and as you already know…we’re a mixed family”

Elin made no comment, but there has been word of every one in her entire family cruisng aroudn Stockholm in a new Saab 9-3 Combi’s.  Woods also announced that his plans for saving Saab include some cosmetic transformation of the product.  When the press asked him what type of changes to expect on the new Tiger Wood’s managed Saab product, the golfer replied “Think of Chip Foose meet’s Saab, with a little bit of Seoul”.

We’re all waiting to see what he means by that.  Boy Dave Chapelle would have a hey day with this one.

John Clay Wolfe 

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