REAL DEAL: Coffee is for Closers

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on December 13, 2009

This mornings Dallas show was a bit of a blast to the past.  Enroute to CBS Radio studio at 6A Saturday morning I noticed two texts from Friday night that I had slept through.  A) From Wooten: Can’t make it today, gotta work at familiy biz ok?  and B) Wash: Man my head is hurting, don’t know if I’ll make the show in the morn (actually saw this one after the show wrapped). 

Before I read either of the sidekick texts, I had phoned Frazier telling him I wanted to swap seats with him in studio to try something new.  Typically Frazier punches up the callers on line 1, 10, 17 whatever with the on air announcement “Bob in Plano good morning your on the Real Deal with John Clay Wolfe”  Then Bob in Plano tells us about his whatever car. 

It’s nice having Frazier punch those callers up for me, but I noticed that sometimes it creates this “Radio Anthrax” moment where I don’t know if Bob in Plano is T’ed up and online.  Plus it helps when I can bring up old Bob in Tempo with my current dialouge instead of Bob in Plano being fed to me like a redneck in a hot dog eating contest. GULP.

Long story short, today I psudo went full blown solo like I did for the two years preceeding to Dallas air (out in W Texas).  It was WAY different, bc I didn’t have time to be ‘Mr. funny man’, nor did I have my comedy relief side kicks there to fill in the on  air gaps.  After three hours of straight talk radio, I felt a little winded.  It was quite a different dynamic, but  a good one.

The odd part, was when I returned to the office after the show.  I sat down to forward leads to my dealer affillaites and found an interesting occurance.  The leads.  As Alex Baldwin said in GGGR “The leads aren’t weak..YOUR weak” The inbound emails and leads from were 5 fold from a typical Saturday.  WTF?  And atop that, the inbound phone calls were off about 1/3 from the typical 200 inbounds, AND the callers wouldn’t wait on hold like normal. 

Don’t know if it was the moon, xmas fever, or the different show setup today.  If you are a listener, and have any input, I’m all ears.  My email is .  Saturday after Saturday after Saturday, you get used to ‘trends’, but today’s trend was a 180 from the norm, and I don’t know why?

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