TTAC DEATH WATCH 1: The Peasants Are Revolting

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on December 12, 2009

Longtime faithful readers are witnessing yet another unfortunate scenerio in the automotive world. The truth about cars (#3 top national automotive blogsite) has officially been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The largest Detroit critic of them all,, seems to have reached an internal empasse of it’s own….the writers are having a block. Not writers block of the mind, but of the body.

TTAC’s Founder, Robert Farago, passed ye torch de Truth to one, youthful,  Edward Niedermeyer early last fall.  Farago (known around the auto industry as ‘their favorite asshole’ was kind enough to pass the truth torch s l o w l y,  ensuring solid footing before training wheel removal.  However, the young budding new Editor-In-Chief unfortunatlydoesn’t quite have… “IT”. You know, ‘it’; the proverbial X factor that draws readers in from around the globe seeking the opinion of that particular voice amognst voices.  For a clearer definition of “IT”, may I suggest lending an ear to Lauren Hill’s 90’s hit “That Thing”.

Just as young skywalker carried out in the George Lucas epic, it appears history will repeat again as Niedermeyer has turned his ass on dear old dad.  In his disbelief, the Alliance (writers) agree with the dark side on this one. Analogies aside, TTAC is heading down like a fiery Natzi balloon, or this Highway to Hell deep cut from the Young Brothers.

As Hitler once said, “Whomever led you to beleive this was a democracy? It’s a God-damned dictatorship may I remind you”

Feeling sorry for him, I offered to be a scab team contributor for Ed’s recently diagnosed cancer patient, not even acknowledging the lending hand offer.  Actually, turning his ass to my charity is probably the only solid decision he’s made since taking the podium. (my grammar really sucks in case you didn’t notice)

All cards on the table; I knew TTAC was in the shitter when a few months ago I noticed the new editor began scraping my half-ass post’s off this blog as reposts on TTAC.  Not the stories I submitted, but his own branded, retread versions,  of my concepts on here (yea Ed, I did notice) If you begin to see TTAC blogging extremely witty posts, but with horrific grammar….then you know they ran out of money, and I’m using a pen name.

Keep it Real Dawg….


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