Donkervoort tweaks the D8 GT for 24-hour race debut in Dubai

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by Noah Joseph (RSS feed) on Dec 9th, 2009 at 1:28PM

2010 Donkervoort D8 GT(4) endurance racer ā€“ Click above for high-res image gallery

While fanatics around the world debate the supremacy of one sportscar over another based on numbers alone, here at Autoblog we postulate that such exotic machinery is only as good as its capacity to transport you to another place, if not in body then in your mind. So bear with us and imagine the following scenario: You’re based in Holland. You’ve created what could be the ultimate neo-Lotus 7, and with it you’ve already placed in a major racing series. So where do you go next? Why, to Dubai, of course!

We’re talking about the Donkervoort D8 GT, undoubtedly one of the most futuristically phallic retro road rockets on the street or track today. We got our first glimpse three years ago, and took a closer look in Geneva back in 2007, before production began last year. The 1400-pound cab-rearward track tool packs an Audi-sourced 1.8-liter turbo four driving 270 horsepower to the rear wheels. That’s enough power to sixty in less than four seconds.

With the D8 GT, the Dutch manufacturer has already taken second place in the FIA GT4 European Cup, and it is now heading to its first 24-hour race at the Dubai Autodrome on the shores of the Persian Gulf. To prepare for the event, Donkervoort has tweaked the fuel system, the brakes, the aerodynamics, the carbon-fiber sandwich panels and aluminum chassis to create the D8 GT(4). The results ought to be interesting as the 24 Hours of Dubai kicks off in mid-January, but you can check it out now in the gallery below and the press release after the jump.

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